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Air Traffic Control Systems

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  1. Viewed 2,115 TimesPrivatization of the U.S. Air Traffic Control System
    By Susan Carey, Andy Pasztor, The Wall Street Journal | Aug. 24, 2014

    original article here!

    As the U.S. air-traffic control system grows creaky with age and struggles with budgetary constraints that limit modernization, debate is mounting in Washington over whether the system would function more efficiently as a commercial entity.

    Advocates of full privatization or a hybrid public-private corporation believe a new structure would bring more reliable funding than the cur... [Read More]
  2. Viewed 1,521 TimesHuman Factors And Operations Management In Air Traffic Control
    The air traffic control industry is in trouble. Aging controllers, increased workload, decreased experience level and decreased time off have created and continue to create an environment ideal for a catastrophic incident. The research project showed a link between air traffic control incidents and procedural deviations, and mismanagement by the current Federal Aviation Administration. The data presented was garnered from the National Air Traffic Controller Association, the Department of... [Read More]
  3. Viewed 1,887 TimesAir Traffic Control Tower Tour
    This might be interesting if you have never made it to a control tower before. These pictures were taken when no operations were going on and I was not working ...that's probably why you don't see any aircraft taxiing or flying around in the pictures. I'll do my best at explaining everything, if you have questions, just ask. The equipment you see at Hobby is probably the most up-to-date equipment you will find in air traffic control towers across the country.

    The image you see dis... [Read More]