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Medical Examination

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In order to become and remain an air traffic controller, you are subject to certain medical requirements. You must undergo an ATC physical at least once every two years and as you get older it will increase to once every year. The ATC medical examination is composed of several tests that all air traffic controllers and potential applicants must meet. Some of the conditions below may require a special waiver and some are disqualifying all together.

Vision - Distance and near vision of 20/20 or better in each eye separately, without correction, or have lenses that correct distance and near vision to 20/20, in each eye separately.

Color Vision - Normal color vision.

Hearing - No hearing loss in either ear of more than 25 db at 500, 1000 and 2000 Hz, and no more than a 20 db loss in the better ear by audiometry, using ANSI (1969) standards.

Cardiovascular -No medical history of any form of heart disease. A history of high blood pressure requiring medication will require special review.

Neurological - No medical history or clinical diagnosis of a convulsive disorder, or a disturbance of consciousness, without satisfactory medical explanation of the cause, and must not be under any treatment, including preventive, for any condition of the nervous system.

Psychiatric - Any medical history or clinical diagnosis of a psychosis, or other severe mental disorders, is disqualifying.

Diabetes - A medical history or diagnosis of diabetes mellitus will require special review.

Substance Abuse/Dependency - A history of substance abuse/dependency, including alcohol, narcotic, non-narcotic drugs, and other substances will be extensively investigated.

*If you have a specific medical question, ask StuckMic's resident FAA Flight Surgeon, Dr. Glenn Orsak.
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