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Advice on the Tower Performance Verification (PV)

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The Performance Verification, or better known as the PV, is given to all FAA Academy students at the end of their air traffic control training. There are different scenarios for tower, TRACON, and EnRoute. The following is a prior students description and advice of the PV he took. All academy students must pass the PV to complete their training in Oklahoma City. If you cannot pass the PV, you will be let go. If you fail it the first time, you get to re-take the test one more time. This student is giving advice on the FAA Academy Tower PV. Hope this helps!

Okay. I've noticed that a few have been wondering about the tower PV. I took mine just before Christmas so I'll share what I know.

1) You will be on a west flow (28L/28R) and runway 16 on apreqs from ground. You WILL have 3 16 departures; at least 2 King Airs if I remember correctly. Can't recall the third. The problem is not heavily loaded so it is pretty easy to get them out fast.

2) There are no helicopters or overflights

3) You will have a few touch n go aircraft, but they are spaced so you won't work more than two at a time. But watch out for the fast guy behing the slow guy. Fireballs on a PV might not be a good thing.

4) LISTEN to read-backs of runway hold short instructions and position and holds. I missed a TIPH read-back on the COA jet in mine and he went to 28L for position and hold. Luckily I caught it before he went onto the wrong runway and made it work.

5) DO NOT hesitate to send a guy around if the situation permits. Your observer would much rather see you work your way out of a situation rather than just let it happen. I don't care if its a heavy 747 on short final. If you need to, "GO AROUND." This is one of the biggest things they look for.

6) The "RUNWAY OCCUPIED" butter stick............ This might be the biggest thing. As a ground controller, ask for the runway and hold the stick over by your local. DO NOT let go of it until your local grabs it. Same thing on RCC and passing the stick back to ground. Don't set it down between the two of you. Also, don't forget to pass it when necessary. I had two guys fail the first time from my class cause of not passing in a timely manner.

7) Watch your minimum separation distances on the runways

8) Watch your wake turbulence, and USE YOUR TIMERS! Yes, you can use radar distance in lieu of timers at your facility, but not in Academy land.

9) The PV will last between 25-30 minutes for each position

Those are the big things I can think of for now. If you're feeling nervous about the PV, don't curse yourself. I was shaking like a butterfly on the way to mine, bt a few deep breaths while walking down the hallway will help calm you down. The PVers are not there to fail you and most don't expect you to be at full performance level. Walk in, introduce yourself, keep a smile on and everything should be fine. I hope this helps anyone who is either wondering about the PV or is getting ready to take it. If you have any questions that I didn't answer, let me know and I'll do my best for ya. I wish you all the best of luck!

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