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AF447, Say A Prayer

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For those of you who have not heard yet, Air France flight 442, an Airbus A330-200 (Aircraft reg. F-GZCP) dropped off radar over the Atlantic Ocean about 0600 GMT enroute from GIG (Rio de Janerio) to CDG (Paris). 216 pax and 12 crew on board. The aircraft was only four years old.

Weather at time of disappearance reported by SBFN: METAR SBFN 011100Z 04010KT 9999 SCT017 FEW020TCU 28/23 Q1013

Recife Center would likely have been the contact at the aircraft's most recent position.

Say a prayer for the souls on board.

The plane had approximately 228 people on board and initial suspicions are that it encountered hazardous weather about four hours into the trip and crashed about 400 miles North East of Brazil off the Atlantic Coast. Investigators are speculating that the aircraft was struck by lighting.

There were two American Passengers on board that at one point resided in the Woodlands, TX.

A Brazilian Plane has spotted some debris...a few seats from the aircraft as well as some metal floating in the water. The water depth by the crash scene is about 15,000 feet. Judging by the location of the debris it appears that the aircraft could have tried to make a right turn before crashing into the ocean.

Air France is reporting that the pilots were highly experienced. The captain had over 11,000 hours of flying time in various aircraft models.

The investigator that headed the Concord crash (Alain Bouillard) in 2000 has been put in charge of determining what events took place with Air France 447 and why the aircraft crashed.

The likelihood of finding any survivors at this point is slim to none. If no survivors are found, this will be the worst aviation disaster since 2001 when an American Airline aircraft crashed in Queens, New York...about a month after 9/11.

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I'm prayin for them bro...sad to hear...God Bless.....
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