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PATCO News - Issues

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  1. Viewed 1,007 TimesProfessional Air Traffic Controllers Organization Strike and Similarities Today
    The actions of the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization have continued to have an effect on controllers well past the 1980?s. The FAA has continued to abuse their power and failed to negotiate with controllers since then. As the United States federal aviation system continues to grow, something must be done to boost morale within the people that control it all. To understand why the new air traffic controllers union, NATCA, is battling yet again with the FAA, one must understand... [Read More]
  2. Viewed 719 TimesPATCO Resolves Safety Issues
    PATCO represents the FCT Air Traffic Controllers that work at Glacier Park, Montana. The Contractor at this tower is SERCO, an international employer for many of the ATC facilities on the west coast of the USA.

    There were some internal safety issues at Glacier Park, Montana that SERCO would not move on. The PATCO Local Rep and others got involved, OSHA appeared on the scene, and things started to change for the better.

    Way to go PATCO at Glacier Park, Montana.............

    Ron Taylor[Read More]
  3. Viewed 535 TimesPATCO wins election in Puerto Rico
    September 10 & 11, 2008

    Air Traffic Controllers at two towers vote PATCO in......

    By a unanimous decision (100%), the Air Traffic Controllers at Aguadilla and Isla Grande, Puerto Rico Control Tower have voted PATCO in as their Union Representative. These secret elections were conducted by the NLRB on site at the facilities.

    The FCT Contractor at these two (2) towers is RVA /CI 2 Aviation. Contract negotiations will take place in the near future.

    PATCO web site @... [Read More]
  4. Viewed 525 TimesPATCO receives response over pay disparity
    U.S. Department of Labor

    Employment Standards Administration Wage and Hour Division Washington, D.C. 20210

    July 21, 2008

    Mr. Ron Taylor



    Stuart, Florida 34997

    Dear Mr. Taylor:

    This response is to acknowledge receipt of your June 16, 2008 letter requesting a review and reconsideration of rates for Air Traffic Control Specialists, Terminal issued on McNamara-O'Hara Service Contract Act wage determinations. Specifically, you believe Air Traffic Control Special... [Read More]
  5. Viewed 519 TimesPATCO and Teamsters Unite
    PATCO President, Ron Taylor and Capt. David Bourne, Director of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Airline Line Division (IBTAD) have signed an Alliance agreement to work together regarding issues of common concern affecting their members.

    PATCO believes that this alliance will be especially beneficial to all air traffic controllers and is looking forward to a long and successful relationship with IBTAD.

    Details of how this new alliance will benefit all PATCO members will be forth... [Read More]
  6. Viewed 479 TimesPATCO Wins Historic Campaign
    From: The National Transportation Safety Board

    NTSB Report A-08-SI & S2

    Opa Locka Tower, Florida

    July, 2008

    In Part:

    Although not a factor in this accident, Safety Board investigators noted that the non-angled ATCT windows in OPF?s temporary ATCT reflected interior ATCT cab equipment lighting at night, which made visually discerning aircraft on the airport challenging.

    Because of the ATCT?s height and location, visibility at night was further hampered by vehicular traffic... [Read More]
  7. Viewed 869 TimesGlacier Park, Montana - Off The Radar
    Print Version > off the RADAR

    Published: Sunday, January 18, 2009 8:40 AM CST
    By LYNNETTE HINTZE/Daily Inter Lake

    Airport caught between old, new technology

    Glacier Park International Airport is working toward getting a radar system for its air-control tower, but like many small airports without radar has found itself in transition between existing and emerging technology.

    And ultimately it's the Federal Aviation Administration's decision as to when the airport will get radar... [Read More]
  8. Viewed 647 TimesOpa Locka Tower Has Unsafe Working Conditions
    Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization, Inc.
    161 SW Willow Lake Trail
    Stuart, Florida 34997
    Office (772) 283-3369
    Fax (772) 286-4154

    Date: June 4, 2009

    To: Mr. Wil Mowdy,Vice President
    Robinson Aviation Inc (RVA)
    5608 Craindale Drive
    Orlando, Florida 32819

    Re: Opa Locka Tower

    Dear Mr. Mowdy:

    The air traffic controllers at Opa Loc... [Read More]
  9. Viewed 610 TimesPATCO files complaint with OSHA
    June 13, 2009

    Stuart, Florida

    Re: Opa Locka Executive Tower, Florida

    On June 12, 2009, PATCO filed a Safety and Hazard Notice with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The employer that is responsible for the safety of his employees at this FAA contract tower is Robinson Aviation (RVA).

    The subject of concern is the ?personal safety? of the air traffic controllers that have been working in a make shift temporary travel trailer tower. This temporary tower / tr... [Read More]
  10. Viewed 566 TimesPATCO Informational Picketing
    October 3, 2009

    PATCO Informational Picketing

    Re: Firing of Stewart Lane at Tyler, Texas.

    Brother Stewart Lane, Air Traffic Controller and PATCO union facility representative who worked at Tyler, Texas was wrongfully terminated by Robinson Aviation, Inc. (RVA) in July 2009 while still in the hospital recovering from an operation. This unbelievable action by the employer was totally unjustified, irresponsible, and is being challenged by the Union on many legal fronts.

    The firing... [Read More]
  11. Viewed 589 TimesStaffing at critical level
    Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization, Inc.
    161 SW Willow Lake Trail
    Stuart, Florida 34997
    Office (772) 283-3369 Fax (772) 286-4154

    February 12, 2010

    To: Mr. Wil Mowdy, Vice President Via Email & Fax
    Robinson Aviation, Inc. (RVA)
    5608 Craindale Drive
    Orlando, Florida 32819... [Read More]
  12. Viewed 551 TimesSan Luis Obispo, CA vote for PATCO
    Hot News.......

    April 1, 2010

    San Luis Obispo Controllers go PATCO 100%

    Air Traffic Controllers at San Luis Obispo, California vote 100% for PATCO Union representation.

    After weeks of constant propaganda, misinformation and the hiring of a
    professional ?Union Buster? consulting firm by SERCO Management Services,
    Inc. (SERCO), the air traffic controllers have voted for PATCO as their
    bargaining unit representative.

    PATCO is the first union to represent any controlle... [Read More]
  13. Viewed 471 TimesPATCO 30th Anniversary Convention
    PATCO 30th Anniversary Convention
  14. Viewed 498 TimesPATCO Convention August 3, 2011
    Teamsters Airline Division

    Week in Review August 6, 2011

    Director Addresses PATCO on 30th Anniversary of Strike

    http:// the 30th anniversary of the assault on organized labor when then over 13,000 air traffic controllers were fired for striking over better working conditions and wages, Airline Division Director David Bourne addressed the PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization) as the keynote speaker at their... [Read More]
  15. Viewed 501 TimesArbitrator rules in favor of PATCO
    Decision Date March 20, 2013

    In The Matter Of Arbitration Between SERCO & PATCO

    Arbitrator Rules in Favor of the Union

    PATCO Controller Wins job back to San Luis Obispo, CA (SBP)

    The PATCO bargaining unit employee and Union Facility Rep. who was unjustly fired by SERCO at the San Luis Obispo Tower, CA (SBP), on April 5, 2012, has been awarded full reinstatement with compensation for lost earnings and other benefits.

    Note: San Luis Obispo Tower is an FAA Con... [Read More]
  16. Viewed 544 TimesAdvice on the Tower Performance Verification (PV)
    The Performance Verification, or better known as the PV, is given to all FAA Academy students at the end of their air traffic control training. There are different scenarios for tower, TRACON, and EnRoute. The following is a prior students description and advice of the PV he took. All academy students must pass the PV to complete their training in Oklahoma City. If you cannot pass the PV, you will be let go. If you fail it the first time, you get to re-take the test one more time. This student... [Read More]
  17. Viewed 423 TimesTrenton NJ 100% PATCO
    All six (6) of the Contract Tower Controllers working at West Trenton New Jersey Air Traffic Control Tower are members of PATCO, making it the first facility to become 100% PATCO union members.
    PATCO web site @ PATCO:::Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization
  18. Viewed 440 TimesFCT Controllers represented by PATCO - BENEFITS UP
    The Federal Contract Tower Program has union representation that beats all others! PATCO. Employer paid sick leave and the removal of At-will firing is only the beginning. More info at:
    "Protecting the Rights of Air Traffic Controllers"
    Frank Sepulveda
    PATCO (In alliance with the Teamsters Airline Division
    Western Region VP

    FCT Controllers represented by PATCO - BENEFITS UP... [Read More]
  19. Viewed 465 TimesCritical Staffing in Hawaii

    Critical Staffing in Hawaii
  20. Viewed 409 TimesContract Towers in OMB's Sights....
    FAA Extension on Tuesday

    by Kathryn A Wolfe, CQ Roll Call Staff

    In today's take: A clean FAA extension will be on the House floor Tuesday, but it may be the last one; House T&I may be eyeing a Feb. 2 markup date for the surface transportation bill; the administration's fiscal 2013 budget may contain cuts to the contract tower program; and more.

    A programming note: Today, we are improving Executive Briefing Transportation by adding Federal Register documents related to this topic.... [Read More]
  21. Viewed 392 TimesCoast to Coast

    Coast to Coast
  22. Viewed 476 TimesAir Traffic Controller Fired While In Hospital
    September 17, 2009

    A PATCO Air Traffic Controller who worked at Tyler, Texas was terminated by Robinson Aviation, Inc. (RVA) in July 2009 while still in the hospital recovering from an operation. This unbelievable action by the employer was totally unjustified, irresponsible, and will be challenged by the Union. The controller who is also the union facility representative at the tower, has since recovered from the operation, and is currently in good health.

    PATCO has filed a formal grieva... [Read More]