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PATCO Resolves Safety Issues

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PATCO represents the FCT Air Traffic Controllers that work at Glacier Park, Montana. The Contractor at this tower is SERCO, an international employer for many of the ATC facilities on the west coast of the USA.

There were some internal safety issues at Glacier Park, Montana that SERCO would not move on. The PATCO Local Rep and others got involved, OSHA appeared on the scene, and things started to change for the better.

Way to go PATCO at Glacier Park, Montana.............

Ron Taylor

From The PATCO Rep at Montana:


Our new drinking water system for the tower cab was installed last week and a complete new filtration system is going to be installed for the whole tower building in the next 2/3 weeks. I have been told that the cab system cost approx. $3000.00 and the complete system will be approx. $8000.00 more. A new egress system is being designed for the cab and should be started in the next 2 weeks (excavation, leveling and concrete base slabs have to be poured first). New lighted fire exit signs are on order for the tower, as well as emergency lighting. Also, all fire doors have been repaired and now close securely which will enable the exhaust system to function properly in the event of a fire. We have had a problem with flies and hornets, lately-however, the sudden co-operation we are getting now includes the fumigators (scheduled to show up this week, as well.) Simply amazing how a visit from OSHA stimulates activity.
Ironic also, if they had simply provided safe drinking water 5 years ago, or even 6 months ago, we probably would have never made the other items an issue at all. This whole package was, as you know, made possible by, initiated by and followed up by your local PATCO members, at Glacier Park FCT. This tower has been operating for almost 6 years, and prior to PATCO affiliation and backing - not a single one of these issues were ever resolved.

Up date 10/4/08
OSHA report came in the mail today - SERCO is being cited
for workplace violations and the proposed fines/penatlties are, at this point

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