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Staffing at critical level

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Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization, Inc.
161 SW Willow Lake Trail
Stuart, Florida 34997
Office (772) 283-3369 Fax (772) 286-4154

February 12, 2010

To: Mr. Wil Mowdy, Vice President Via Email & Fax
Robinson Aviation, Inc. (RVA)
5608 Craindale Drive
Orlando, Florida 32819

Re: Donaldson Center, S.C.

Dear Mr. Mowdy:

The recent decision by RVA to reduce the staffing levels at Donaldson Center Airport, S.C. (GYH) from four (4) full time bargaining unit air traffic controllers to three (3) is unacceptable.

PATCO considers the current staffing situation at Donaldson Center, S.C. at a critical level, in conflict to the best interest of the controllers concerned, or aviation safety. It is the opinion of the Union that there is no rational or justifiable reason for the employer to reduce staffing to sub standard levels, beyond the margin for error.

Because of the current staffing, single person coverage is very common with no back-up in case of an emergency, etc. The controllers are now expected to do more with less, creating more pressure and stress on the controller, and pushing the envelope on air safety below minimum safety standards.

Therefore, please take notice that effective immediately, Article 11 of the Master Collective Bargaining Agreement between the parties is being invoked by the Union at this facility. This action shall remain in effect 24/7, until such time as the staffing levels are corrected to an acceptable safe level.


Ron Taylor

Cc; Richard Cummings
PATCO Rep. Donaldson Tower, S.C.

PATCO:::Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization
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