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Kim's Place - Locations in Yukon & Mustang Oklahoma

-- Be sure to mention StuckMic when inquiring about Kim's Place - Locations in Yukon & Mustang Oklahoma --

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Contact Information

Kim's Place - Locations in Yukon & Mustang Oklahoma

11701 SW 15th Street
Yukon, OK

(405) 627-1259

Short Term Rates

Short Term $95.00 (15 class days or less)
*excludes food pack

Long Term Rates

Option 1: Three person
Daily Rate $57.00 includes food pack (does NOT take place of food per diem students still receive) Student can have paid by student service or self-pay. To be billed 30 days at a time. First Payment due at time of arrival.

Option 2: Three person
Daily Rate BEST DEAL $39.00 per person excludes food pack. Student can have paid by student service or self-pay (to receive difference in housing must self-pay). To be billed min 30 days at a time or duration of stay. First Payment due at time of arrival.

Option 3: Two person
Daily Rate $57.00 per person excludes food pack. Student can have paid by student service or self-pay. To be billed min 30 days or duration of stay. First Payment due at time of arrival. (limited avail)

Option 4: Family House (student plus family) $81.00 daily rate *excludes food & supply pack

Option 5: Short Term $95.00 (15 class days or less) *excludes food pack

Family Housing Rates

Family House (student plus family) $81.00 daily rate *excludes food & supply pack

About Kim's Place - Locations in Yukon & Mustang Oklahoma

-- Be sure to mention StuckMic when inquiring about Kim's Place! --

Welcome to Kim's Place OKC

Kimís Place OKC has two housing addition/development locations and houses over 250 students
Wildhorse Village located in Mustang, OK 7 miles to FAA (Does not have FAA Shuttle pick up)
Edgewood Manor Located in Yukon, OK 9.6 miles to FAA (On FAA Shuttle pick up Route).
Kimís Place OKC is a shared living environment where you share a house.
No driving from home to home is required that is a plus, you can just walk on over to your neighbors! This is a great place to stay focused and still enjoy the experience.
Your fellow roommates and neighbors will be students just as yourself. This will be great for carpooling, study groups, gaming, cards, and socializing with other FAA students.

Kim's Place Features
  • Three Bedrooms
  • Two Bath
  • Two car garages
  • Fenced back yards (including lawn service)
  • Wireless Internet Cox Cable
  • Cox Cable expanded with HBO and DVR in every house
  • FREE Biff's 24-hour Gym
  • FREE Golf Included at Pebble Creek
  • Optional for Basic food for snacks, breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Kitchens are supplied with all your basic necessities
  • Dishes, toaster, pot & pans, baking dishes, etc..
  • Cleaning supplies (dish soap, dish detergent, etc..)
  • Ironing boards and iron
  • FULL SIZE Washer and dryer in every house
  • Laundry supplies
  • Bathroom supplies including toilette paper
  • Hand soap, towels, hand towels, washcloths
  • Queen Size bedsÖ Bedding included
  • Furnished Bedroom (bed, nightstand, and dresser)
  • TV in each bedroom
  • Outside smoking OK
  • FAA Shuttle Yukon Location

*Dog OK with $100 Pet Fee.

For many more pictures of Kim's Place visit her personal gallery: Kim's Photo Gallery

Contact Kim Koumbis on StuckMic | 405-627-1259 |kim@kimsplaceokc.com or visit her personal website: Kim's Place

Kim's Place - Locations in Yukon & Mustang Oklahoma Reviews

  1. Re: Kim's Place - ATC Housing Review

    Review by: Archives
    Reviewed on:06-28-2013
    Awesome - 5 Stars
    This rating is carried over from the previous rating system. Our archived reviews can be found here: Kim's Place - Housing Review Archives


    StuckMic previously had a method of rating the providers on 6 pieces of criteria which included:

    • Customer Service
    • Price
    • Location
    • Noise
    • Cleanliness
    • Amenities

    To transfer over the previous ratings to the new system, which allows the user to rate the facility based on a 5 star rating system used by hotels, restaurants and other large establishments, we first added up the ratings for each provider under the old system and then divided that by 6. (This is basic math averaging.) We then took that number and rounded it to the nearest .5 and that became the single digit number we used to start the new rating system.

    Example: An Average rating of 4.5 would be rounded up to "5". An average rating of 4.4 would be rounded to "4".

    The archived reviews display the previous ratings as well as the average rating based on the previous entries. The archived reviews are very relevant to the providers listed and were the primary source of rating for almost 5 years.
  2. Re: Kim's Place - ATC Housing Review

    Review by: pltjess
    Reviewed on:04-07-2014
    Awesome - 5 Stars
    There's no doubt about it in my mind: Kim's Place is the best housing choice for being in OKC, period. Whenever we've been in need of anything, within minutes of sending off a text, our doorbell would ring, and there the necessities would be. Beyond that, more than one of my friends who arrived with no vehicle were not only picked up at the airport, but taken to the grocery store as well to get stocked up as soon as they arrived.

    When the weather turned hot and our AC wasn't kicking on, John was over and had it fixed within minutes.

    Past all of that though, the best thing about Kim's is the fantastic access to study groups. It's definitely made getting through the Academy thus far an amazing and seamless experience.
  3. Kim's Place is the the BEST - ATC Housing Review

    Review by: whitney144
    Reviewed on:06-07-2014
    Awesome - 5 Stars
    I am an enroute student who graduated from the academy just last week. I stayed at Kim's the entire 3 months of my stay and I am so glad that I did.
    From the moment I sent in my request to live there, Kim was wonderful about communicating with me. I had a good friend from college that was going to be there roughly the same time I was. Even though we were in different classes and she normally doesn't have co-ed houses, she she went above and beyond to accommodate us. Our third roommate was a girl in my class. If you don't request someone specific to live with, she is really great about pairing you with people in your class that are going to the same location as you. This automatically gives you a built in study group.

    The houses are all very nice and well furnished. They provide everything you need right down to laundry soap and toilet paper. There are even a few grills, picnic tables and cornhole sets floating around for your use on the weekend! For enroute students they even provide strip boards so that you can practice non-radar at home, this is a great tool.

    Kim, John and their staff are extremely attentive and timely. If we had a few light bulbs out or something was broken, we would text them and someone would show up within 5 minutes to fix it. When we had an issue with dogs barking in the middle of the night for hours on end so we spoke with Kim about it and she immediately resolved the situation for us. When there was bad weather coming through, they always made sure to warn us and made sure we got home safely.

    Kim is excellent about giving information on the area, she can tell you where to shop, where to get you nails done, where to order pizza from etc. Despite how busy she is, she always gets back to you very quickly if you ask a question.

    There are so many stresses associated with being in OKC for intense training. It was so nice to have the comforts of Kim's place.

    I know housing fills up quickly down there, but if you have the opportunity to stay at Kim's place, I think most people would agree that it is definitely the best option!!!

    Thanks Kim, John, Erin and Daniel for a WONDERFUL experience!!!! You all certainly made my time in OKC more bearable.
  4. The place to stay for the networking you will need - ATC Housing Review

    Review by: GiveMikeTheMic
    Reviewed on:09-28-2014
    Awesome - 5 Stars
    Kim's is hands down the place to stay when you're at the academy. You may think going in you don't want roommates, because they can be bothersome etc but they will be vital to both studying, relaxing from all the stress and for any problems you may have while there. Not only that but you will meet friends that you will have for the rest of you life and some you could very well need to rely on later in your career. Kim herself will help you to no end. While i was there I had car issues and Kim personally came to my house and made sure that everything was taken care of and I didn't need any help with finding a mechanic or tow company. And for the kicker I made it through and headed to my facility (ZOA) I had no where to stay besides spending tons of money on a hotel coming from Pittsburgh I was far from home. I posted on my Facebook to see if anyone knew anyone in the area that would let me crash for a few days while I waited for my apartment to be available. Within minutes Kim posted on my wall and took it upon herself and found me 3 different controllers at ZOA that had spare rooms while I was waiting. TLDR; Kim's place is home away from home and you can't beat the atmosphere, her employees, and the friends you'll make. There's a reason her housing has 200 pus reviews and the rest only have a hand full. Stay here and you've taken the first steps towards a successful career.
  5. Re: Kim's Place - ATC Housing Review

    Review by: twenty8days24
    Reviewed on:02-27-2015
    Hands down, the best place to stay in OKC. Kim and John are the best!