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CTI School Reviews

Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) Program - FAA Approved AT-CTI Schools

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Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative Program

The FAA Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) Program is designed to establish partnerships with higher educational institutions to broaden the employment opportunities in the aviation industry, including air traffic controllers. AT-CTI graduates are not guaranteed jobs as air traffic controllers, although the FAA considers AT-CTI graduates a valuable hiring source for air traffic control specialist (ATCS) positions.

Each school submits degrees to be part of the program. Currently the 36 institutions offer 15 different Associates, 37 Bachelors, and 3 Masters degree programs. ~ FAA

StuckMic has compiled the list of the 36 AT-CTI Schools approved by the FAA for our members to review. If you have attended one of the 36 approved schools listed, please take a few minutes to review that school and share your your experience.

CTI School Review Archives

StuckMic previously had a method of rating the AT-CTI Schools on 4 pieces of criteria which included:

  • · Curriculum
  • · Price
  • · Teaching Staff
  • · Nearby Activities

To transfer over the previous ratings to the new system, which allows the user to rate the school based on a 5 star rating system used by hotels, restaurants and other large establishments, we first added up the ratings for each provider under the old system and then divided that by 4. (This is basic math averaging.) We then took that number and rounded it to the nearest .5 and that became the single digit number we used to start the new rating system.

The archived reviews display the previous ratings as well as the average rating based on the previous entries. The archived reviews are very relevant to the AT-CTI Schools listed and were the primary source of rating for almost 5 years.