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Florida Institute of Technology

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Contact Information

Florida Institute of Technology

150 W University Blvd
Melbourne, Florida

1 (321) 674-8000

About Florida Institute of Technology

The college offers an air traffic control (ATC) specialization in conjunction with any of its seven bachelor’s degrees. The ATC specialization meets the requirements of the FAA’s Air Traffic-Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) program and is FAA-approved.
This program provides graduates with in-depth knowledge of ATC and the aviation industry to ensure graduates possess the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to succeed in testing and training, and as air traffic controllers.

While no AT–CTI program graduates are guaranteed employment, the FAA considers these graduates to be a valuable hiring source for air traffic control specialist positions nationwide. On successful completion of this program and recommendation from the dean, graduates are further required by the FAA to achieve a passing score on the FAA-administered Air Traffic Selection and Training (AT-SAT) test battery, attend the FAA academy (bypassing the first five weeks) and successfully complete the on-site initial qualification training.

We are proud of and practice the Florida Tech mantra: “High Tech with a Human Touch.” The College of Aeronautics is recognized as one of the top university-based aviation programs in the nation. Our programs and faculty have earned an international reputation for excellence in the education and preparation of aviation professionals. We are responsible for graduate and undergraduate programs in the Aeronautical Sciences to include Aviation Management, Pilot/Flight Crew, Aviation Computer Science, Meteorology, Airport Management and Development, Human Factors, and Aviation Safety. The college enrolls 400 undergraduate and graduate students in programs on its Melbourne campus, in its Aeronautical Science Program in Panama, and many others through distance learning.

Nearly all graduates secure employment in the aviation industry in airline operations, airport and airline management, as flight crew members, and in varied, responsible positions within corporate aviation and government agencies.

We deliver world class educational programs that lead to both flight and non-flight aviation careers. The success of our graduates and our international reputation for excellence speaks volumes about the programs we offer. It is the college’s intent to achieve and maintain a stable, highly sought after, top quality university aviation educational opportunity in an institutional environment known for technical excellence.

Feel free to contact Dr. Stackpoole at KenStackpoole@fit.edu or send a request to our recruiters at aero@fit.edu .

~ Kenneth Stackpoole, Ph.D.
Vice President of Aviation Programs and Dean

Florida Institute of Technology Reviews

  1. Re: Florida Institute of Technology - ATC Housing Review

    Review by: Archives
    Reviewed on:08-03-2013
    Rating: 4
    This rating is carried over from the previous rating system.

    StuckMic previously had a method of rating the AT-CTI Schools on 4 pieces of criteria which included:

    · Curriculum
    · Price
    · Teaching Staff
    · Nearby Activities

    To transfer over the previous ratings to the new system, which allows the user to rate the school based on a 5 star rating system used by hotels, restaurants and other large establishments, we first added up the ratings for each provider under the old system and then divided that by 4. (This is basic math averaging.) We then took that number and rounded it to the nearest .5 and that became the single digit number we used to start the new rating system.

    The archived reviews display the previous ratings as well as the average rating based on the previous entries. The archived reviews are very relevant to the AT-CTI Schools listed and were the primary source of rating for almost 5 years.
  2. From a 2011 FIT Grad - ATC Housing Review

    Review by: fkelly
    Reviewed on:10-18-2013
    Rating: 5
    I graduated in 2011 from FIT with a degree in Aviation Meteorology w/ Flight, and also got my CTI. I had a great experience here. The aviation department profs are very knowledgeable, professional, and really care about their students. My advisor went out of his way to help me out and I visited the profs "just because" a lot. As far as the CTI program, I was very happy. Many of the classes are covered as part of the flight curriculum anyway, so it was only 2 extra classes for me. ATC 1 is taught by one of the MLB tower controllers, and ATC 2 was taught by one of the senior professors (I am pretty sure that he no longer teaches this class though). The meteorology w/ flight program is challenging - lots of math and science - but is a great combination with the CTI degree since weather is so important to safety of flight. I had no problems with the AT-SAT or at my Tower Basics class upon entering the agency.

    As far as location, ect.... The campus is beautiful. Decent housing - I believe freshmen and sophomores must stay on campus now, but there are a lot houses for rent within walking distance if you choose to move off campus as an upperclassman. School is pricey, but there are many scholarships available in the aviation department. Melbourne isn't a huge party town, but the beach is great and the "Old Melbourne" downtown is busy on the weekends. If you are here to fly and lean about ATC this is a great place!