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University of Oklahoma

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Contact Information

University of Oklahoma

660 Parrington Ova
Norman, Oklahoma

1 (405) 325-0311

About University of Oklahoma

Since 1981, the University of Oklahoma has assisted the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Traffic Academy in their efforts to train air traffic controllers at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center located in Oklahoma City.

Our commitment at the OU FAA/ATC Training Support Program is to meet the education and training needs of a variety of customers, ranging from our FAA Training and Development customers at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, to customer training in the field nationwide. Using a wide variety of training delivery methods, we proudly support the FAA in a broad and continuing ATC training mission.

OU's commitment to the aviation industry is long standing
Administered by the University of Oklahoma's OUTREACH College of Continuing Education, the University's FAA/ATC Department has provided support to the FAA in training more than 48,000 air traffic controllers with a contract amount of approximately $275 million since the commencement of the contract in 1981.

Team OU at the FAA academy, sponsored by the University of Oklahoma, uses a wide variety of educational and air traffic control expertise to train air traffic controllers at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center next to Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City.

Supporting the FAA?s air traffic control training needs for over 20 years....
Our mission in this partnership is to augment and assist an existing cadre of FAA instructors and revision/development staff to accomplish tasked service for:

A fluctuating student enrollment at both the advanced and basic levels of ATC training.

Computer based and web based instructional development and maintenance using various forms of multimedia delivery systems.

Field training using both on-site and correspondence delivery methods.

Explore innovative ways to support current and new training needs of the FAA/ATC training program.

Serve as a source for educational consultation in all training related matters when called upon to do so.

In addition to air traffic control instructional services ...
The FAA/ATC Department develops new and revises existing training materials in conventional and computer-based instruction formats for domestic and international air traffic control facilities.

The training and development services are provided at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City by a staff of air traffic control instructors, instructional systems design specialists, educational specialists, computer systems analysts and computer programmers, as well as a highly qualified support and administrative staff.

The University has worked with the FAA to provide international air traffic training and course materials to 22 different countries. Courses offered at the FAA Academy range from basic air traffic procedures for new hires to advanced/specialized training for air traffic facility managers and supervisors. It is anticipated that the University will continue in this capacity over the next five years.

University of Oklahoma

University of Oklahoma Reviews

  1. Re: University of Oklahoma - ATC Housing Review

    Review by: Archives
    Reviewed on:08-04-2013
    Rating: 4
    This rating is carried over from the previous rating system.

    StuckMic previously had a method of rating the AT-CTI Schools on 4 pieces of criteria which included:

    Teaching Staff
    Nearby Activities

    To transfer over the previous ratings to the new system, which allows the user to rate the school based on a 5 star rating system used by hotels, restaurants and other large establishments, we first added up the ratings for each provider under the old system and then divided that by 4. (This is basic math averaging.) We then took that number and rounded it to the nearest .5 and that became the single digit number we used to start the new rating system.

    The archived reviews display the previous ratings as well as the average rating based on the previous entries. The archived reviews are very relevant to the AT-CTI Schools listed and were the primary source of rating for almost 5 years.
  2. Re: University of Oklahoma - ATC Housing Review

    Review by: joshuaclinton
    Reviewed on:12-17-2014
    Rating: 5
    The program at OU has been very beneficial. Not only do we have actually simulators (including Tower Cab and En-Route/TRACON), we visit nearby airports within the region and interact with controllers. In addition, our instructors are actually certified instructors at the Academy and provide us an in-depth experience and overview in what the Academy expects and teaches students. Our program director has created the program in a way that could be considered more challenging than the Academy so that when we graduate from OU, we will be fully prepared for the Academy.

    All in all, this program is fantastic and costs considerably less than other four year schools. Oh, and you're not required to get your pilots license, but have that option if you'd like.