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Exclusive Ads: Exclusive ads will only be made available to one provider and do not rotate among other ads. Exclusive ads are more expensive as the providers ad is shown each and every time to each user who visits the page.

Rotating Ads: Rotating ads allow multiple advertisers the ability to advertise in the same location. The ad serving script will randomly display ads to those viewing the page.

 Air Traffic Control - ATC - Aviation
We realize that not everyone has the same advertising budget and that some aren't capable or interested in purchasing some of the more prominent ad locations. In order for us to be an equal opportunity publisher and cater to all of the needs of our advertisers, we opted to remove some pay-per-click ad locations and create some affordable advertising solutions that could meet any budget and need.
· (View Ad Location) Articles - Top Rotating (728x90): $100.00 per month
· (View Ad Location) Blogs - Top Rotating (728x90): $100.00 per month
· (View Ad Location) CTI Schools - Top Rotating (728x90): $100.00 per month
· (View Ad Location) Facility Directory - Rotating (728x90): $200.00 per month
· (View Ad Location) Facility Guides - Rotating (728x90): $200.00 per month
Homepage Ads
· (View Ad Location) Homepage Exclusive (475x90): $1600.00 per month
· (View Ad Location) Homepage Top Rotating (728x90): $700.00 per month
Site Wide Ad Locations
· (All Site Pages) Header Site Wide Rotating (570x66): $900.00 per month
Forum Ad Locations
· (All SM Forums) Forums Top Exclusive (728x90): $1500.00 per month
Thread Ad Locations
· (2nd Post Of All Threads) 2nd Post Exclusive (728x90): $3000.00 per month
Additional Advertising Methods
· (View Ad Location) Housing Review: $600.00 per month
· User Accounts (with housing review) *: $300.00 per month
· User Accounts (without housing review) *: $750.00per month
· Email Blasts: $5360.00 per blast
$900.00 per month    This ad location does not exist at this time and will not be present until the sites physical upgrade has been completed. An email will be made available letting people know of this ad locations availability pending the upgrade.       -->
Stay Informed
* User Accounts: User accounts allow the provider posting privileges in the Academy Class Dates forum as well as the FAA Academy Housing forums. User accounts also allow you to contact members through the private message system built into StuckMic. This is an ideal way to self-promote yourself once a member has posted their class date though I would personally avoid contacting people who haven't posted a class date as they may interpret it as spam. Advertising outside of these forums will not be tolerated though we do encourage our advertisers to engage in communicating with the members. If a member posts asking a question like "What is there to do in OK?", feel free to respond to them regardless which forum that question is posted in. We are simply asking that you keep the actual advertising and marketing within the listed forums. If you find a provider advertising outside of these forums, we encourage you to forward us the URL of the advertisement and we will take care of it.
** We are always interested in your input. If you know of a place on SM that you would like to advertise on but doesn't currently accept ads, contact us. The site is evolving and growing. We would be more than willing to incorporate new locations so long as they are feasible.

If you are interested in one of the locations listed, contact us. These ads spaces are listed on a first come, first serve basis and are served month to month.

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