Colorado Denver Tower

This facility is a level:
Level 12
The name of this facility is:
Denver Tower
The locality pay for this facility is:
Below are the starting salaries for this facility during your training progression.
Upon arrival at Academy, you will be paid:
Upon arrival at your facility, you will be paid:
After completing certain milestones of your developmental training, your pay will progress at the following rates: (Developmental 1 thru Developmental 3, and then CPC).
Developmental 1 = 25% complete with training, Developmental 2 = 50% complete with training, Developmental 3 = 75% complete with training, CPC = 100% complete with training.

*Lower level facilities have reduced training times, these facilities may not have all D steps.
Minimum Maximum
$76,858 D1 $100,681
$100,681 D2 $124,500
$124,500 D3 $148,321

Upon completion of all training and becoming a fully certified controller, you will be paid:

Minimum Maximum
$148,321 CPC $200,234
The minimum and maximum pay levels are the least and most you can earn within each respective D or CPC level at the given facility.

When you progress through training you will automatically be brought to the minimum pay of each level (D1-CPC). Your pay can increase within each level (not to exceed the maximum) by getting pay raises that are negotiated by the union at the national level or by government pay raises that the President issues.

You may also fall into the middle of each pay level if you transfer from another facility in which your pay is higher than the minimum for that current level. The FAA will not lower your pay unless it is above the CPC maximum for the new facility you are transferring to.