I'm in the process of getting an entry level flight service job with Leidos and was doing some research on the job and the company. The thing is there isn't very much information I can find on the job so I was wondering if anyone had knowledge to share. I am possibly going to accept a flight data coordination specialist job. The starting pay isn't too bad but it will require me to move so I want to make sure it's a good decision.

During my interview I asked about the potential for moving up, basically allowing for promotion and pay raises which they gave me a pretty vague answer. They did let me know that they also do have preflight, and inflight positions but wouldn't give me details how you go about moving up or certifying on these different positions. They basically just told me I was only applying for the flight data job and didn't go into details about raises or moving around. So does anyone know if the opportunity is even there? Alongside this does anyone just have general thoughts on working for this company and specifically for their flight service department?