Housing Review Listings - Getting Listed

Housing Review Listings - Getting Listed

How To Get Listed

StuckMic is the largest Air traffic Control website on the internet and has the strongest online forum presence within the Air Traffic Community. If you are a housing provider looking to reach ATC Students, you are in the right place.

StuckMic deals with Aviation and Air traffic Control. We offer some of the best and most direct marketing to your target audience, those who need a place to stay while they commit to their schooling and training in Oklahoma.

A basic review listing on StuckMic will cost you $300 per month. This is roughly the cost of StuckMic sending you one person per month and charging you 1/3 of the funds that you will draw in. Each additional user we help you reach is 100% profit. You simply can't beat the pricing for the direct exposure you receive.

We also offer an advanced review listing which includes a user account. This package costs $450 per month and allows you the ability to post within the housing forums and interact with the members directly. Making yourself known and visible to the students will help expedite the amount of traffic you acquire through Stuckmic marketing.

We have taken exceptional care in the creation of our ATC Housing Review Section. Our aesthetically clean and crisp look allows the members an enjoyable and relaxing means to traverse the reviews left for our providers, allowing them to base their decision on peer reviews and the accommodations of the providers themselves.

How It Works
In order for us to compile a review listing for you we will require your input and material. Each of the listings we provide are written by the Housing Provider. This offers you the best means to address the members and emphasize the features that your Housing Facility provides. You will find that the providers all follow a very similar layout in how they present their homes/apartments. That is because this is the information the members want to see and copying a providers layout is a great place to start when constructing your own listing.

Our new interface allows for 20 images to be attached to each listing! This is a fantastic way to highlight your facility and the rooms you have available. Each member is looking for something different when they stay in Oklahoma. Your property is someones ideal match but they have to be able to find you and see that you should be working together!

Getting Started
StuckMic will begin assisting you in the creation of your review listing when we receive the first months payment. (This is to prevent us creating a review listing and then having the provider change their mind after the work was completed.) Once the review is complete, we will set it to its live status and at that point your payment will be applied to your account. You will only be paying for the completed and active product.

The easiest way to begin the creative process is to reach out to us via email and letting us know that you are interested in creating a Housing Campaign. We will then help guide you through the process and help you to create the ideal listing for your housing.