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    Rapid speak: You got it or you don't OR it comes with time?

    Lots of controllers talk blisteringly fast. Tell me, were you guys always able to speak so fast or did that pace develop over time? I also understand that part of it is just to saying the same sequence of things over and over and over, but still... Are you guys also good with tongue twisters?
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    Liveatc stream quality vs real life

    So I have been listening to streams on lately, I was wondering, is the quality I am hearing the same quality that the controllers and pilots are hearing? Because sometimes I can barely make out what is said.
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    Q's about Mt. San An CTI. Career change

    Really? Since when? That's good to know.
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    Q's about Mt. San An CTI. Career change

    Thanks! I plan to contact the admissions office soon. I really hope all my classes and transfer so that all I'd need are the degree specific courses.
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    Q's about Mt. San An CTI. Career change

    Q's about Mt. SAC CTI. or Sac CC Career change Hi guys, I am new here and I am considering a career as a air traffic controller. I am from the San Francisco Bay Area, aged 22 and about to graduate with a degree in Mechanical Engineering this June. Afraid that I will have trouble finding a job...