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  • Is it expensive in Santa clarita? I hope to live in that area when I plan on buying a house. For the first few months to a year though I will rent a house though. Any other tips?
    Nope, got a while to go. But enjoy the tour. There's not a ton to see in the Antelope Valley, but if you want to look around town, the better parts are west of the 14. Stay on Avenue P / Rancho Vista (same street, the one the Center is on), and just head west... there's some stuff around there. Quartz Hill isn't bad. We live down in Santa Clarita, which is much nicer but a longer drive.

    Academy... just study hard and enjoy yourself. Most people are smart enough to not blow it off. It's really not that hard as long as you put some effort into it. OKC is fun. There're some threads on both floating around that you can find. Good luck!
    Hey are you fully qualified up there yet? I will be taking a tour up there soon with my friend. And also take a tour of the area. I have a class date of April 6th. Any recommendations for the school house itself?
    That's whats up Diego!! I may have to play it too bro!! I'll definitely be going to LA this weekend celebrating!
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