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  • Wow, sorry to hear that. Good luck with a new position, I've heard a few cases of that happening and people still getting on with the FAA.
    Depends. Was Lisa black or white? Black, yes. White, haven't met her but she's an area rep here.
    I guess they're going to start sending our new guys out there on a regular basis. Our new training manager just came from High Desert, so she's got connections too. Be looking for a bunch of bored-looking ZLA developmentals on a semi-regular basis.
    The only car I remember was a yellow Mitsubishi... because that's what we got a lift to the tower in from the gate. Met lots of good people. And dined at the fabulous Muroc Club. "Fabulous".
    Ummm the big cat conservatory in rosamond is neat. Devils punchbowl is a great hike. Bex is the closest thing to a night club. everything else is an hour and a half drive away. if you visited kedw i may have driven you about. and if you havent you should be due for a visit id be more than happy to give you a tour
    ZLA. South side of PMD. Conveniently located near... ahhh.... hmm.

    You have any advice on things to do or see in the AV, let me know. Would appreciate the insight. Although I'm getting the impression that there's not much reason to leave the base unless you're going all the way to LA or Vegas.
    Hey you! Your base sounds pretty exciting, my base is meh. We're sandwiched between Shaw and Columbia and our airspace is only on request from Shaw RAPCON. But should be rated soon. Family is doing well, kinda weird having a girl but pretty sweet.
    Yo! How you doing?

    Homes good! Still in training. Working Local right now. Should be fully rated in Feb!

    Where you at?
    Hey there! Just saw your comment thing; how's ATC treatin' you so far? Hope everything is going great for you!
    A1C I leave for BMT for the USAF on 20Jul10. My contracted job is ATC,which wasn't even on my list they pretty much threw me in it and said take it or leave it. Can you give me an idea what tech school was like etc. I understand its zero tolerance, you screw up simulator wise and your done!? Which would be understandable if true because lives depend on you. Any advice you can give me is greatly appreciated. I am 27 going in, so the only bad part is I will be 33 or so when I am out and will not be able to get a job with the FAA.
    i feel like I might actually belong to this site now. I originally joined this site hoping to learn what I was getting into. I am in my last leg of tech school and about to start on the job training. i am very excited and will let you all now if I am tower or radar. Although I a fairly certain the only person who reads this is me. if any other tech schoolers read this please let me know, it would make me feel better about life.
    yo! I think i talked to you the other day at the bus stop. Thursday, I think. lol. Word!!!!!
    hi i am looking for info on bases that are good to start off at and good for a family at the same time. any suggestions?
    Congrats on beginning your new career. My advice:

    1. Take any opportunity you can for training experience.

    2. Earn a CTO. It gives you more employment options when you decide to leave the USAF, whether that's in 6 years or 20.

    3. If someone tells you that you cannot accomplish something you can either accept it or you can work harder and prove them wrong. Choose the latter.

    4. Study. Always be eager to learn more and never take the stance that you know it all. If someone gives you a week to memorize something, get it done in half the time. People will take notice - and if it takes time before they do, do not get discouraged. It will pay off.

    Good luck. If you ever have any ATC questions feel free to PM me.
    lol thanks. if you can guess the name of it that would be impressive. give you a hint, it starts with a "Mc"
    just like everyone else is sayin really...just work 10x's harder then any other 3 levels around you, dont try to brag even if you think your doin well in training, trust me if your doing well people will recognize it. stay in the books CONSTANTLY, dont get discouraged if you hit a rought spot in training just keep on pressin
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