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    Got DUI in between TOL and FOL

    Made your you have to lay in it...good luck.
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    12/10/2012 Enroute

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    12/10/2012 Enroute

    Received FOL.... "about damn time" -LeBron James
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    12/19/12 Enroute

    The job you're leaving operated with you and it will operate without you. I'll do you one better. I received my class date not too long ago and have yet to give my notice...BUT HERE'S THE KICKER....a week or so before I got my class date, a co-worker of mine also put in his notice that he was...
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    Pay and Per Diem info from

    Most, if not all of that information "shouldn't" be news to anyone here really. If so, then there maybe a problem.
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    Whos Going To ZNY

    He more than likely is cti, if not vra, seeing as his class date is not basics.
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    12/10/2012 Enroute

    Nice! I believe that makes three for ZNY in this class. According to Kim, there are 5 people in this class staying at her location including myself. Check out some of the reviews for her location.
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    10 Dec 12 Terminal

    Compared to enroute....not at all.
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    Whos Going To ZNY

    Thanks for the congrats. I'll keep ya'll posted on my progression.
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    Whos Going To ZNY

    Got called this morning...going to 12/10 class. See signature for details.
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    12/10/2012 Enroute

    Got this class also, see you guys there. Going to ZNY. TOL June 11'.
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    11/29/12 Enroute

    Congrats my friend. I too graduated in 09' and still waiting for a date. We're one of the few 09'ers still around.
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    Whos Going To ZNY

    People...the thing about "numbers" is that they continuously change. When you read back through the thread, it was posted last/earlier this year how for fy12 they needed 50. Several weeks later it dropped down to 40. It fluctuates and there are a myriad of things that can cause it to do so. I...
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    FAA Academy Class Date Selection

    re: Plz be Tuesday Don't do that. Just when you're waiting for "the call", EVERYONE else then will decide to call you. Telemarketers, distant relatives, close relatives, friends who just want to say "what's up" (when they could've texted that to you instead), that old girlfriend/fling (or...
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    *Urgent Responses Needed**HELP*

    Sad but true, no one uses the search button anymore. Site Developers should change the name of this site to, cause like the movie, the threads on this site are becoming quite repetative. Hint: The other day I was on another site troubleshooting some stuff for wordpress, and...