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  • At least they are giving you a class, you must be one of the last ones!

    Enjoy man, the TSS is a pain in the balls!
    Hello Ryan, you don't know me but it looks like I'll be joining you at E10. I just wanted to get some advise from you, housing recommendations, etc.
    P.S. I was actually at the PEPC you attended. But for whatever reason, only now getting hired.
    Hi Ryan, so are things better with a new OM? I had to retire in May. Post telling you to drive backroads was bad. It's couple miles diff than going North gate with lot better roads. CHP wait more in backroads than 395/58. Ask DG or Greg T bout tickets coming in South way. I got one first week workn there, once you cross Base markers you're fair game for COP's. Then drive 10 miles in South Gate slow. NOT worth Xtra hassle to save 2-3 miles! I heard you're doing well (OJTI)! I knew you had great potential! Sounds like most of my crew is gone on to bigger things. Joy bought home in SD and is almost done training. Is Fritz gone? Where did Farmal end up? Contract Tower at WJF? I'll probably have to go back to do the Contract game someday but Unemployment $$$ is saving the day now!
    Hope all is good... SK
    P.S. Aren't you going to follow CG and get out of there? SoCal is 4 pay grades higher and the best weather on Earth! I lived there from age 3-10 and would still love to go back someday...
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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