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    How do I delete my account?
    There are people that I work with, saying from people that were in a similar pow that says, the next selections could be in the academy by winter/December or January 2014. The selection panels are gone. There is a group/office that decides now. If you could please contact your source and push the issue. Otherwise your info is correct.
    I was trying to send a private message to another member but once I hit send the page reloads and an error message comes up. I tried it several times and on different browsers to no avail. Any solutions?
    Hey I was wondering if you could help me with something or point me to where I may be helped. When I try to click on my pictures from my profile, it sends me to my blog (which I don't have). If I try to read my conversation between myself and someone else, it sends me to my blog. So I tried to read visitor message conversations on someone else's profile, and it sent me to their blog (which they normally don't have). Is this normal? Thanks.
    Greetings. This is Brad Davis (ATCsimulator2 author/creator). I would like to offer a service to MMAC students. Would would it be okay to make a general post for all to read? or do I need to pay for advertisements? I just acquired the Body Shop massage clinic and wish to offer a discount to all students who wish to have a massage. They would just need to present their student ID to receive the discount. Let me know your thoughts of how to go about offering this discount. Thanks.
    I have paid dues for January and February and I still cannot access elite member areas. I would like a refund for both months I was charged and cancel my elite member subscription.
    I don't know if I just don't know where to look but it seems to me that a more prominent location for a roommate finder link would be helpful to a lot of people. Thanks
    If anyone is going through the AF tech school for ATC please hit me up. I just went through and am at my first base. I can answer lots of questions you might have. I had lots of questions and no one helped me lol.
    for some reason i am unable to access the website from my home i can access if from any other computer and i have tried everything on my end to get the site to work but nothing is working.
    referance the interview questions i was also asked what do i do personally to prevent operational errors from happining, and what do i do when there is a rule or regulation that i dont agree with
    My name is Chad Rawls. I am the Natca Reloaded Rep at Memphis Center (ZME). I am interested in posting information on your website, to encourage developmentals coming here to contact me. I have lots of information to supply them, but it is difficult to reach them till they arrive after the academy. Please contact me as your convenience, I will be happy to discuss further. My email address is
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