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  • Re: To Join NATCA or NOT conference, basically the few post are individuals trading barbs about NATCA, and since the conference is realitively old and not really fullfilling it's purpose you might want to consider deleting it.

    I received my TOL at PEPC in April 2009. I recieved all clearances by July 2009. I scored a 94 on my test. I still haven't recieved a FOL letter. I was told my spot had been filled by the time I received my medical clearance. Is it normal to wait this long to hear anything or have I been lost in paper work? My HR rep just sent me an email saying to ensure my contact information was up to date. Have any advice for me or is this typical? Thanks
    hey wouldya empty my inbox/sentbox? it's gonna take like 3 hours to do so if I do it on the user end.

    p.s. I'd like to talk about coming back into the fold in a little bit - probably right after new years.
    I know there arent may out there, but is there a way to make a link for reinstatements under the atc employment thread?
    Hey buddy,

    Does Stuck Mic have a feature on the individual profiles a place to access posts that were submitted by that person. for example if I visit someones site and find their views interesting is there something I can click on thatshows me other posts they have made?
    Hey Admin, I joined a little while ago and wanted to post a question that I haven't found answered when searching through previous threads. Are there any specific requirements to be authorized to do so?

    just wanted to volunteer for your " ask a" post. im and active duty USAF radar controller. have just over four years of experience been deployed once to balad ab. just made staff sergeant(E-5) and started my 7 level training. which includes watch supervisor duties. im stationed at luke afb which isnt the busiest place in the AF but its not the slowest either good mix of traffic and we use alot of various ATC rules. thnx!!!
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