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  • Admin,

    Can you assist with posting a thread directed at all members with the data below:

    Survey of Military Controllers (current or former)

    The survey below is part of an ongoing Graduate Study from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. The survey is designed to analyze how Military Air Traffic Controllers (current or former) view the current Federal Aviation Administration Employment policies.

    Your responses will help determine recommendations to the Federal Aviation Administration.

    The collective responses will be in summary form and the privacy of your responses will be safeguarded. Individual responses will not be reported in any way that would allow an individual respondent to be identified.

    Click to take survey:

    Survey of Military Controllers

    Thank you for your support!

    Rick Maldonado
    Captain, Aviation
    U. S. Army
    I am having problems accesing the Pay Calculator ...I joined as elite not sure what the problem is ...thanks
    The member tiers field is back in the acp. Try to get something on there as soon as possible. I have added the pay scale pages, posted threads, linked them from the home module, and updated the existing pay scale thread to display the new urls. lol
    I got the Who's Online corrected as well. It was resolving IP addies for admins, which is what was taking it so long to load. It is instant now.
    Twitter integration is now working. I added it to threads, posts, and the profiles. The threads and posts send it to our SM twitter page. ;)
    Thanks for the welcome! I have been enjoying this site, and it is so helpful for newbies like me. Thanks!

    I have a quick question. I posted a note and for some reason it didn't have my picture on it, but I uploaded one?

    Can you help me! Also, I wanted pricing on purchasing a banner you have that?

    Thank you!

    Hey Admin,
    Im havin a little trouble with my account. I donated to the site before the deadline at the beginning of the month however I am still experiencing difficulties using some of the features. If you could please look into I would greatly appreciate it; Thanks.
    Talked to Kathy in HR and she said selectees should get a call next week. The selections were due in Dallas today, but she anticipated getting them early next week. It's looking pretty good on this end, what has Sapp told you?
    I found a great little ATC game by the name of Airport Madness, I thought you would want to add it to the arcade. I'm not sure what format to insert here, so I'm going to add the code they have available on their site for inserting the game on a webpage like myspace, also the page link, hopefully you're able to add it cause it's pretty fun:)

    <a href="" target="_blank">Airport Madness</a>

    Airport Madness @ LoadFreeGames ->> Airport Madness game is sponsored by

    It might be the same thing though, but at least you're guaranteed to get it;)
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