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    GI Bill @ Academy

    yes....your certifying official at your facility does the paperwork and submits it effective from Day 1 at the academy. You probably wont see it while at the academy. Personally I'd just wait until you get to your facility when you inprocess. Its retroactive so you'll recoup all that cash in...
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    GI Bill @ Academy

    Some might be interested using Post 9/11 GIB (Chapter 33) for OJT....which was recently passed through Congress at the end of December 2010 as "G.I. Bill 2.0". There are no details about implementation or pay rates as of yet, but you can apply starting October 2011. This is if you never...
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    Microsoft Home User Program for FAA Employees

    FAA email address, yes I have one. The NATCA one is user friendly, they give you a link on how to set it up. You're probably's browser based only.
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    Microsoft Home User Program for FAA Employees

    anyone know of the information needed to get FAA email on a mobile device such as an iPhone? incoming server name, outgoing server name, etc.
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    predictions, prophecies, conspiracy theories

    been watching too much Jesse Ventura.
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    How do you pocket the food per diem?

    Its real simple, there's no additional paperwork in it. You file monthly by bringing your your lodging receipt to the geniuses in the travel dept. and you get whatever is due to you direct deposited into your account. I don't recommend the government credit card unless you are absolutely...
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    08/12/2010 tsew

    awesome, can't wait to see it, thanks. still won't hold a candle to how N90 is.
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    08/12/2010 tsew

    any different format from RTF?
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    08/12/2010 tsew

    Anyone here in this?
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    Who's still hanging around?

    12 when we get across the street for the instructors say.
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    Who's still hanging around?

    All senseless when there's only 9 people in my class. 2 TRACON, 7 Enroute.
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    6/04/2010 tracon

    I'm going to a level 12 and I'm not getting it. May 25th class...Just Basics, ITR, RTF.
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    Anybody else wear a hat?

    What about asshats?
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    Do you live in Long Island or are you going there from OKC

    I'm just bringing Air Force One...a model of it.