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  • They said that my answers were so different the second test from the first test that i had to be lying. So i was like the first test im to good now in the second test im compeletly honest and now u think im a liar. i did my teir 2 with Doc king in Feb 09 and found out in April 09 i failed
    So why did you fail the second time? If you don't mind my asking. Were there questions that the appeal doc went over with you? The doc off windy hill said that I failed because I looked to good which I agreed with. When I took it at the pepc I said I never lied, I never got angry, I liked mechanics magazines, I liked fixing door handles, etc... the second time I was more honest but most of my answers were the same except for those listed above. When did you take your tier 2 with dr. King? Sorry for the questions but this is my future so I am trying to get all the info I can.
    Another thing was that when i hired my own psychologist i was able to take the MMPI-2 test on paper not on the computer. It made the test alot easier for me i dont know how others take test but it was on scan tron. I was able to look back at similar sounding questions and stay consitant.
    Just to let you guys know im the type person that does not take no for an answer so through the whole process i would bug these people and send emails everyday. Plus its good to have a person at medical that you can talk to on an everyday level. I know every number to eastern region medical facility to talk to someone. So if one person didnt answer i would call another. the longest wait is if you fail the teir 2 and you have to appeal. that took 5 months and i heard people usually dont get an answer for about 8 months.
    I appealed in April and with eastern region medical taking vacations and my doc taking a vacation it took a little longer but i found out Sept 8th, 09. That i won the appeal and i had to do another drug test. Which it took a week for those results then i got my class date Sept 23rd yesterday. So in all it took 8 months from the time they said i failed.
    I went the traditional route so i did my first psych test in feb 09 and it only took like 3 to 4 weeks for medical to call and say i failed. That same day she faxed me the paperwork to do the teir 2 and gave me info on a doc to call. By the way i had of class date for june 3rd so maybe they were trying to hurry things along so i could make that date. But my teir 2 was scheduled for 2 weeks later and i found out it 6 weeks later that i had failed. In April 09.
    Appreciate the advice, I never got in touch with her but my hr rep said I was all clear ... So I hope she is telling me the truth..
    One more question.how long did it end of taking for you to get all ur results..from the inital denial of mmpi to the class dates.
    Cool..i am so glad for you. I will definatly let you know what my results are here in 90 days. Thank you for the info.
    Finally got a class date today Oct 15th after calling my HR rep over 10 times and begging.
    Then i had to keep overnighting mail back and forth to the faa. which cost about 100 dollars. But if you do fail your teir 2 hit me up on my yahoo account and i will tell you how i won the appeal because it wasnt easy. Ayejay213@yahoo.com. I had to do a whole lot more than just go to a psychologist to win that appeal. And dont want to get in to that in stuckmic
    It cost about 800 dollars through the whole process. Because its in your best interest to get a psychologist that has actually admin a psych test before. Then taking the test was 120 dollars and every visit is 120. So my first visit was 240. And my psychologist was cool and didnt want to take me for every penny i had so he held the visits to a minimum. But he has to meet with you at least twice to do a mental eval and then again to tell you what the results were for the test. Then he has to write an eval basically saying what he thought. But the good thing is that if its bad results he cant send it to the faa because you are paying. So if your psychcologist thinks you are crazy just go find one that thinks your normal without anyone ever knowing. Luckily my results were good and normal.
    my boyfriends works for the faa she works at a regional office and does the PECP's. Thats where i got those numbers.
    Congrats on fighting through the BS...Where did you get your facts/knowledge on the "90%" fail rate on the appeal process??

    I was wondering, if you fail the tier 2 process how much did it cost you to get through? what happened through the whole process? I am just wondering just in case it happens to me
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