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    Midwest Openings in the Northeast

    New Bedford is EWB.
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    Reinstatement Process

    Head over to They’ve got all the resources you need.
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    RVA Job Openings

    RVA generally won’t even bother unless you have at least two years experience post cto. So if you don’t have that, then it’s just a matter of waiting that time frame. Serco has a few openings if you want to get better traffic and pay than Valdosta.
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    RVA Job Openings

    Yeah, rva won’t even look at you unless you have 2 years.
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    RVA Job Openings

    I toured XNA years ago (talking 2010ish) and would have loved to work there as I grew up around Little Rock. Seemed like a cool place.
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    RVA Job Openings

    I know someone leaving OPF soon so there should be an opening if it hasn’t already been filled.
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    Do I Have to Train People?

    Just do like a grumpy guy from the training team I had... "hey xxx, you want to train xxx today?...."no." Might be different at other places though lol.
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    Military to FAA Without a CTO

    Reenlist and get the CTO(s). You'll get much better experience than you would at AATC and be eligible for hire with any contract company and the FAA age limit goes up to 35 for you at that point.
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    Employment ATC

    If you aren't too picky about where you live, put in applications with Serco, Midwest and RVA. They typically want you to be able to start in about a 30 day time frame though so applying too far out might not be the best. You could search train dispatch, ramp control, flight coordinator. Adacel...
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    Proceed, Taxi, or Cross.

    Taxi south on 17C/on to 17C, turn right charlie, hold short 17R. Out of curiosity, is it common practice to take them the long way instead of just crossing 17L onto charlie?
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    ATC Opening in Gillette Wyoming.

    Is the guy that got his TOL rescinded after posting the original bio-q screen shots still there?
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    Contract Tower Locations and contact information

    Any specific area you're looking for? If nothing else you can go to and search places that way.
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    Switch from En Route to Terminal

    Sometimes hr will call people and ask if they want to switch, but it’s rare. Like everything in life, never hurts to ask.
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    Don’t Give Up.

    Academy grad's don't know their list of facilities to choose from until like a week or two before graduation.