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    Aside from the ad above, if you're feeling depressed, go exercise. The endorphins make you feel incredible and you feel better about yourself. It's hard to get up to do anything when you're feeling low, but you have to force yourself to do it.
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    Enroute Results

    So who's coming to ZTL? Is it you?
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    Drug Testing

    Let me guess, he picked Denver or Seattle.
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    Drug Testing

    Are you planning on doing something between OKC and your Center?
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    Basic Books for Sale

    What is this nonsense? Why would you pay someone when the FAA will pay you to learn it?
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    July 27th 2018 OTS Bid Announcement

    My wife had dates hanging out to November 30th for the ATSA.
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    Anyone at Kim’s?

    Maybe you should party :D
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    Anyone at Kim’s?

    Maybe you should study.
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    Atlanta Center - ZTL

    6 weeks ago?
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    Atlanta Center - ZTL

    Been in stage 2 training here for about 6 weeks. 8 from the academy here and 4 transfers.
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    OTS Question

    Jayfay is trolling. Either do the password reset option, or just make a new account.
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    Psychiatric Assessment

    I did some cold calling to find someone who would give me an overall evaluation for too much money. So I got it done, fhey gave me the OK, passed academy, and now I'm in Atlanta. So it went well.
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    Dorm Style?

    Stay at Kim's
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    Anyone Have Copy of ZAE MAP?

    Don't worry about it, focus on passing basics, they give you time to learn the map.
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    Tentative Offer Letter

    Wait until they give you a TOL and tell you to get one, the process after the TOL can take a year or longer.