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  • Hey AL, I was wondering if you could hook me up with a larger version of your avatar pic, the T-wall art from the ol' CERAP. Spent 7 months there and now I can't find this shot anywhere on google.. since it (probably) doesn't exist anymore, I'd love to get that pic before it's lost forever.
    Don't know if you can send files via these boards, but please send it to .. you're the best.
    Hey so they haven't called you yet either? or do they contact us by email? sorry I'm hearing different stuff and I'm kinda lost.
    Hey Alpha Lima How you doin thats great another Floridian going to CALI as well, good stuff, if you dont mind me askin what school did you go to?
    Hey alpha, Radium told me to contact you regarding being stationed at Mountain Home AFB. I have been stationed at Luke AFB for the past 6 years minus one year in Korea. I'm in the process of cross training into ATC. I just found out yesterday that I have a class date next summer with a follow on to Mountain Home. I have a couple friends on the maintenance side stationed there quite a few years ago, which told me not to many good things about the base besides Walmart. However, It can't be any worse than being stationed at Kunsan. I was just curious on what to expect of the town and of the job. Thanks, Tim
    hey where did you get the ATC picture i was in Iraq when it was painted on the concrete barrier outside the new rapcon.
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