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    August 2016 Tier 2

    You can call aviation careers and see if they have your new drug test.
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    Medical Appeal Timeline

    2 years under a certain age. It changes to a year after 40 something.
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    Pay Differences

    How are people getting list. I thought they send you back to your previous facility per the mou
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    Where Were You?

    The strike I assume.
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    August 2016 Tier 2

    Training review board.
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    2018 Upcoming FAA ATC Job Bids

    Pretty sure they will still pick you for n90 omce they see you applied to both.
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    N90 OTS Experiences?

    It reads that you need to be within 50 miles from Westbury but who knows it's not posted yet.
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    Random Question Regarding Time Off

    Yeah no it's not like that at every facility. I had weekdays off the moment I started training. Not weekends. But it is easy to get time of when your training because your non essential until you certify on a position
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    This. Take all your change of station up front if you want. It doesnt matter.
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    If you want a job with a six figure pension you make sacrifices. Your choice. Nobody is pushing you. 20k other people want you spot. Everyone in the agency went through it just fine.
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    Isolla Bella Questions

    1. Yes 2. Usually your whole housing per diem but they run specials. 3. Its whatever for a couple of months. Not horrible not brand new 4. I didnt have any issues a year ago 5. Never had my car broken into and i dont see that happening. Its Oklahoma, area didnt seem that bad to me. 7. Around...
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    June 22nd TRACON Class (6/22)

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    August 2016 Tier 2

    Varies but i would assume at least 2 months.