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    Utah ALB

    ALB - Facility Swap Request
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    U-2 Spy Plane Disrupts Zla

    See thats what makes no since to me, if the aircraft is OTP above 600 or OTP at 175 shouldn't the flight plan processing be the same. I have had high performance aircraft OTP at 175 doing airwork that was going in and out of multiple centers both ERAM and non ERAM facilities and approach...
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    U-2 Spy Plane Disrupts Zla

    So can anyone tell me why ZLA went atc zero? Did DARC or EBUS or whatever you want to call it now nto generate the flight plans? Why were keep functions not done on the EDST to allow retracking of the aircraft?
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    ZLC Bound

    If any of you guys have any questions let me know I am current CPC at ZLC
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    The majority of my coworkers are military so yes we are very military friendly. What facility...

    The majority of my coworkers are military so yes we are very military friendly. What facility did you control at?
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    None trainee dress code at the academy

    Thanks guys. Should be a fun two weeks of learning how to build problems to make bigger better faster controllers
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    None trainee dress code at the academy

    I am going to be attending the academy November 26th-December 7th for training on how to build the new ERAM simulator problems. Does anyone know the dress code for me and what is the current dress code at the academy? I'm and CPC at ZLC so if any of you have questions about the enroute training...
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    FAA academy classes for college credit

    I am just wondering if anyone knows any information on the college credit option for the faa classes. I remember when I was at the academy they briefly said something about the classes we take might be eligible for college credit transfers.
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    Current Enroute Grading System

    Seems like that is the same as the 10-25 forms, the training forms that are used for OJT at the center. Only difference cuddling with the r-side is punishable by death
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    New York Center - ZNY Hiring Information

    Re: New York Center - ZNY How are the current staffing levels in ZNY?
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    The most difficult en-route centers

    While we may be "slower" due to the east coast way of counting traffic we deal with a ton of fun stuff. The military and ERAM being two of the biggest ones. Not to mention we do a majority of the spacing for SFO, LAX, LAS. Just because you can fit all of ZNY in one of our sectors doesn't mean...
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    Nice flight plan

    The pilot said they were flying in "etch a sketch mode" etops testing
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    yes its me

    yes its me
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    Lasik Provider Recommendations

    Whats the medical requirements for the lasik in regards to work? Do we loose our medical for a little while?
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    EnRoute PV Discussion

    Re: PV for enroute? what i have heard there is a bunch more improvement that much be done to the non-radar program before it becomes pass fail. Best advice for all of you that will be taking the enroute PV is look before you talk. They would rather you be safer than faster because speed comes...