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  • I did get both Pell and a grant direct from Vaughn. Pushed my total down to near $5k. I took both subsidized and unsubsidized loans for the remaining. Nothing initially out of pocked, with exception of the app fee.
    thanks for getting back with me man. i'm not enrolled in vaughn yet, but should be soon. i'm debating going this summer, or just doing 5 classes in their fall semester and then 5 classes in the spring, with the whole flat rate thing. i think i'll be able to pull that off, and with your feedback of things not being too tough, it makes me feel good. lol

    were you able to get any student loans from FAFSA, or anywhere else? I'll be applying for that this week. I was hoping to get some help paying for that $8150 flat rate that they charged. Where you able to get any help? thanks for your time man.
    It hasn't been tough neo, I have many other responsibilities coinciding with school and I've managed a 3.5 GPA. My teachers have all been awesome too. Good luck bro, I'm sure by now I'm in class with you.
    Hey aprolla23. Sorry to bug you, but I noticed that your doing the online thing at Vaughn College. I will be going this route as well, starting in their spring/summer semester. Like you, I'll be going the online route. Do you like it so far? Are you really swamped? Is it harder than you thought? Thanks a lot for your time.
    Hey sappr, I'm taking classes at Vaughn College in Flushing, NY. All online and do not have a previous degree only some transfer credit.
    What CTI college do you just take online courses from NC for? And did you have a 2 year degree before you started?
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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