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  • OKC...yes. vegas...dunno.

    still trying to see if their gonna offer denver tower on a different announcement that i applied for. if a tower offer happens then i'm passing on vegas. probably in 2 months or so i'll go to OKC. at least this time around they pay per diem those cheap bastards.

    yeah hawaii is always gonna be expensive to vacation. that's really the only income for the state. tourism. well maybe weed too. :)

    dude that's ridiculous how cold it is there. i would probably just call in sick and chill under a bunch of blankets all day. i'm whimpy like that. anything under -5 and i'm home ridden.
    Wassup Archie. You joining in on the IWA fantasy football league? I know it ended badly last season for whatever immature reason. Would be cool if you were in, at least you actually talk smack and make things interesting :)
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