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  • Hello I am considering going to MTSU for the masters program and doing the ATC CTI program do you have any advice on the school?
    hey i was just wondering how long it took for you to get hired? Also where you a CTI student and where did you get placed?
    I don't know if you listened to WMTS when you were a student, but my bro had a radio show. It was called Blazin' in the Boro.
    Out of all the MT posters, I see you post the most... and I just want to show respect to a Blue Raider. My bro and a few friends are MTSU alums.
    GOOD TO HEAR!!!!!!!!!! u think having some connects helps at panel to? the guy I know sits in on panel for the east coast...not sure if there is a panel prior to that tho....does HR in OKC only give out the WQ and CTI scores? and where are you going?
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