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    12/22/11 Tower Class

    Are you all CTI, OTS, or VRA?
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    10/06/11 Tower Class

    Are you all off the street, VRA or what?
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    Tower PV Discussion

    Our class is getting ready to PV tower in 2 weeks. No doubt, nerves are the biggest enemy of us all. We are half way through the TSS scenarios, and according to hear-say things won't get much more complex. We have simultaneous T/G's, multiple VFR's inbound for the FS, and a rack full of IFR's...
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    One turn on to Final

    I suggest giving the pilot a heads up to expect one turn to final a few miles beforehand. I never taught one turn to final to OJT controllers because it is not "Best Practice". Using the standard 30 or 20 degrees depending on the a/c position relative to the FAF is acceptable then reducing the...
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    Doc Orsak, its Brian Aronson. I just sent you a friend request. Merry Christmas to you, the...

    Doc Orsak, its Brian Aronson. I just sent you a friend request. Merry Christmas to you, the fam, and your staff. I hope to not see you till I need a flight physical. - God Bless
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    1/10/11 terminal

    Which contract agency staffs Ellington? I assumed it was an FAA tower.
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    1/10/11 terminal

    lol....i controlled last in July 09.
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    1/10/11 terminal

    How many of you were Navy/Marine and where did you control last?
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    1/10/11 terminal

    FOL came today...
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    1/10/11 terminal

    Thanks. I actually read your HOU gouge back in 2009 when I first applied and found your website. I read you are not at HOU anymore.
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    1/10/11 terminal

    I got a call a couple of weeks ago for the 10th. I am expecting the FOL any day now. I was stationed as a controller at Navy Corpus for five years. I am heading to HOU.
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    Is my career plan sound?

    Why wait to finish your CTI? You need to meet one of the two following requirements to get hired. 3 years of general work experience or Have a Bachelors Degree. Assuming you have 3 years of work experience. You should apply now and continue working on your CTI while you play the waiting game.
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    Needs further psych evaluation

    After being told these class dates and then told they are cancelled we will all need further psych evaluations...hahaha
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    01/29/2010 Basics

    Re: Jan 29th Basics? Congrats on the call....just wondering how long you had been waiting on a class date, and where you are going? I am trying to get an idea of what regions are really affected by the quota cutbacks.
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    What branch of military best prepares you for FAA ATC?

    LOL....that's one heck of a loaded question!!!......NAVY