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  • Assuming the roads are not too bad for me to get there I will actually be touring tomorrow at 3pm.
    Well now that I think of it...never mind. If it ain't good news I prefer not to even see it.
    I would like to go to Lubbock. I am still finishing up CTI so I don't have a job or anything like that. I have friends in the area though so it would be a good place to start I think. I'm from Oklahoma though. What about yourself? You have a facility yet? Where you from and where are you wanting to go? I'm actually looking into visiting the facility this coming Saturday.
    Dang that sucks. Can you forward me the email, if you don't mind? My email is aaron_tha_g@hotmail.com
    I'm a Operations supervisor for an FBO at newark international airport. So I'm still around aviation just obviously not controlling it. Instead I'm supervising/babysitting people older than me, making sure they know how to conduct themselves around aircraft/the airport. If you can speak to whom ever about this next panel would be great by the way. Working my way up in this company (Signature Flight Support) is a nice thought but sour cause I know I didn't spend ALLLL of that money at riddle to do what I'm doing now. Thought I'm not complaining cause things could be worse, I am like the thousands of others on here just waiting to see what happens.
    Aw man...well I'm sure things are definately going to change for you soon. Me, as you know I was engaged and last november got married so my wife and I are living here in NJ. So for the next panel my states are NJ & NY of course. This will be my 5th panel in march...can you believe that??? In the meantime, my job is 'okay' so far. Its good by way of job security in the money that we gross annually so my plan is to work my way up in the company as high as I can while studying for the GMAT all the while crossing my fingers for something to happen in the FAA. I am SOOOOO glad though that you got in the pipe before your bday. Wheewwww
    same stuff...different day. Not selected and kinda not liking my job. You get a class date yet?
    Not bad amy...just up here in New Jersey working of course. I toured the Newark Tower which was pretty nice especially the views of Jersey and NYC. That being said my fingers are crossed for the next panel. How are you?
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