Assistant Professor, University of Alaska-Anchorage. Aviation Technology Division, Air Traffic Control.

Former Lead Instructor En Route, FAA Academy at Oklahoma City (OKC). Over 11 years teaching students, training recently retired controllers to be instructors in all disciplines of enroute air traffic control. Non-radar and Radar Subject Matter Expert (SME) at the FAA Academy.

Our non-radar course will prepare you better than anywhere else in the country for what you will see in OKC. We are developing an Enroute ERAM EDST training platform that mimics the teaching and performance concepts in use at Oklahoma City. This education will give you greater self-confidence and radically improve upon your ability to pass the FAA training in Oklahoma City.

Our tower lab is a full 360 degree dynamic training platform that uses the same runways, phraseology and procedures you will see in the tower option at the Academy. We also have a course that teaches terminal radar approach control (TRACON) training.

UAA offers a two-year associates degree in air traffic control and a minor in ATC for those seeking a baccalaureate (four year) degree.
Anchorage, AK
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