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  • Congratulations on your class date. Hey, AS is my HR rep as well. Are you enroute? Im TX terminal
    I was able to take a tour of ZFW, its a nice facility. As far as your switch to enroute, I think youll do just fine, and probably like it too. Just think of all that money youre going to make once youre cpc. And yea, ZDV was my first pick so I really lucked out, I cant wait to get moved out there. But for now we get to sit and wait out this long hiring process.
    I graduated in 2006, but I only went to Amherst schools for 5th and 6th grade anyway. If you're ever in the Sheffield Village Giant Eagle, stop by the customer service desk and say hi. :)
    Hey! I couldn't figure out how to reply to your message so I'm just posting it this way :). It's pure speculation and I don't have any inside information. So take everything I say with a grain of salt. Just an observation from watching posts on here that last few years. I realize the people posting on this website are a small sample of all the people in this hiring process, but I did notice a pattern with the people going to ZFW waiting a year or more for a class date. Good Luck and I hope we don't wait that long!
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