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  • Hey how are you? Im currently in the UAE working ATC, have 10 years experience, AF, FAA, and ICAO contractor, Dual rated... Wondering if you took the Maryland DOD position. Or if you had any contact info on that. Would like to move there. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    Hiii ATC Boy Have you heard anything about the VRA Nov 30th announcement? I got referred to NY TR but i haven't gotten any emails. Is been two months already. The announcement still says "you may or may not be contacted for an interview." I mean some people have already received emails for the Dec. announcement already. thank you!!
    hi how are you? I've seen you on a lot of the posts. Just curious on where you are in the process? are u VRA, CTI or OTS? I don't sterotype anybody, I hope everyone gets in i don't care if they have experience or not.
    Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for being as active as you have been on these forums...over the next months and years, this site will evolve and become the best aviation site on the net....users that have been active and participating since now will reap many of the benefits that the newer members might have to pay for!
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