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  • Meant to reply to that last message, but your inbox is full.

    Seems like it might be out of my league unfortunately. How firm are they on the 2 year ATC requirement? I've got 6 months tower time, but that's nothing at all. Not to mention McCarran probably gets as many ops an hour as I get in a day.

    I'll be fresh out of school by summer, and wouldn't mind getting out of the northeast. Luckily I don't drink or gamble so Nevada wouldn't bankrupt me. I was at the Mandalay Bay back in September and loved the area.
    A job for the ramp tower will be announced some time next week look for it and apply...its not hard the spots just don't open very often...this one is only opening because they want to reduce the amount of overtime we work
    Hey dude I'm up at Nellis Tower right now about to separate in April. How would one go about getting a ramp control job down at McCarran. I have other options but if something like this was available I wouldn't have to relocate. Thanks in advance for your help!
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