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  • Brandon,
    Congrts on getting certified..
    I am going to stick around 4 more years.. I don't have to pay off my property in FL. the bank made it a 30 year thing.. Why give this gig up? I love what I do and the wife is not elegible to retire for 5 more years..
    keep in touch..CB
    It's a bloody day for PV's.
    13 failures, 2 did not pass their retakes so they r gone
    I bet we fire 7 of them... Thank God it wasn't my class.
    It looks like 300 enroute and 600 tower next year and for a few more years.. U got in at the perfect time..CB
    I thoroughly enjoyed your post the forum talking about students failing the pv! Thank you! It was just what I needed to hear. I just got to the academy and tomorrow is day two of basics. I'm seeing a lot of people from other classes around me washing up and GOD that makes me nervous.

    Any more advise, I would love to hear it :)]

    why's that.

    Well make sure you look like you're doing something important around 1100. You gotta impress 3 losers from up north with nothing better to do than come bother you guys..
    Thank you so much for your time and direction. I was curious about Tech School, 72 days didn't seem like enough time to cover the complexity of ATC.I feel better understanding that we won't know much coming out of it.

    I will take heed to your warning about studying and staying away from too many vices. I am very lucky to have contracted a job with the Air force as a potential controller. I just have to prove myself and I understand that I am very replacable.

    In preparation I ordered an FAA Academy study guide for prospective ATC students. It has a series of tests and I seem to be scoring well. The most difficult segment is "Math" .The arithmetic is not difficult. The understanding in what is being asked of me to calculate is difficult. I feel that will come with the training though.

    Again thank you, your advice is invaluable!!!!!

    I just joined the Air Force and am headed to BMT in a few weeks. My contracted job is ATC. I was hoping you had some advice for me since you are guru. By your posts I can see you are indeed knowledgeable. Any help is much appreciated.

    Not at all. I'd be in the wrong profession if i got all butt hurt over an internet forum post. I Like your views and completely agree with most all of your posts.
    i was thinking maybe i should CPC first. :) i dunno man, to be realistic i'm hoping i'm there by 2014. that gives me 5 years.
    my class starts on May 1st, so i'll probably roll into town the day before. it's weird to me that i would start on a Friday and then have the weekend off. oh well, that doesn't bother me too much.

    it'll suck for the tower here. they'll be down to 3. it's not like it's hard here though, so they should be back to normal pretty quickly. i mean come on we only do about 100 a day.
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