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  • As far as I know we've been approved here at CHA to pick up 2-3 ERRs and we're getting the list soon. as in this week or next.
    Hey man! Your inbox is full, Quick question, did your facility end up pulling that ERR list? Every facility I have spoken with has said no one can pull a list right now. There's a complete hold on transfers. so I'm just curious if that ERR list pull at your facility went through
    Hey- I was creeping around for some information on Wisconsin and saw some old posts that you were selected for it. Was wondering if you had any updates as far as staffing numbers go for the facilities. Are you in GRB now?
    Nope, not a quick process for this guy. I'm moving onward and upward in the DOD though for now. I leave KS at the end of the month for Ft Rucker, AL.
    No sir, I just completed my interview recently so it'll be a while for me yo. Enjoy BrickTown!
    Hey man. Congrats on being selected. I am indeed currently living in St. Cloud. I am waiting for my FOL. Not a clue at all when I'll be going to OKC. Working STC Tower sure seems to me like it'd be embarrassingly slow... I toured up there one time. I had a class with the old tower manager too and she was TERRIBLE! Well good luck on your venture dude!
    Hey, can't remember if I already said, but congrats on getting your ticket out of 29 and into the civilian life.
    Hey dude,

    Yeah I got picked up there. I'm actually leaving San Diego this evening to drive that way. I start on the 14th and am anxious to plug in again. Hows MO working out for you?
    Hey its Sgt Grosser, I was at Cherry Point from 06-09 and then on the 24th MEU from 09-10.
    Hey bro,

    Best thing to do is to apply via the Midwest ATC website. Then you'll receive a generic email with 3 names and their contact info. I would submit a copy of your resume and one of your CTO to either Randy or Tim. I would throw in a short email describing your preference as far as a location you would like to work (central/eastern portion of the country). In all honesty, while we all await a "dream job" in the FAA we need to be mobile and ready/willing to move. KS wasn't a preference of mine. I just asked if there were any openings at all and that I could work anywhere. Have Headset, Will Travel kinda thing. Serco actually posts their openings on their site. Midwest does not. 30-60 days out from your terminal date start applying/emailing Randy and Tim. Most of the contract guys are really laid back and are supporters of the military. You can call/text me whenever if you have any questions man.
    Good luck to us both.
    Well shit dude, it seems that you have all the hook ups for there that you need. Let me know how it works out for you. If it does see if you can transfer your TOL into my name. I'm going to need a job in about a year.
    Alright, Let me see what I can dig up. I'm not entirely sure I know anyone working there. Find the number for whoever is in charge there and ask if you can just get a tour. It helps with the hiring process if they have a face to a name. Especially when it comes to the good ol' boy network that is the DoD.
    Are you talking about the Department of Homeland Security jobs they are opening up down there? If so then yeah i definately have a hook up down there. Let me know if we are talking about the same job. I'll send you a guys number that works there. He was my crew chief when i was a lance and he can get you in touch with the bosses and get you a tour.
    Hey dude,
    Yeah i remember you. I do have to admit though that it was the 300 pft and you pictures that reminded me. If i remember correctly i was blasting music from my truck during the run portion. I'm at MCIWEST now at Camp Pendleton. I do all of the TERPS and ATC T&R on the west coast. I know JRod fairly well. I also know Chief or SSgt Morris and Fry. Quite the interesting group you guys have there. I'm glad that you got picked up. I got passed this last panel but my eas isn't until next year. So i'm hoping for some december panels this year. Glad to hear that you're doing well.
    Dude, Im just trying to go "somewhere", lol. Yeah man, I seen that you were on top of shit as far as networking goes, and Im glad it paid off for you. I've been just pretty much calling the contact #'s listed in the IFR Sup and talking to everyone I can from the controllers to HRO and management. I'm not trying to be annoying to them, just checking in with a few different places about once a month or so.

    Howlong have you been off active duty? Is the transition going smooth for you? Im kind of freaked out about losing my rank, titles, warfare insignias etc. Not sure if that makes sense to you, lol.
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