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  • No I go it after the panels. I am currently staying with the inlaws just south of Memphis. Good luck to you, hope you get picked up. I may need to change the states I am looking for, not put the same 2 on all 3 vra notices to hopefully up my chances, once they come out with the new notices.
    yeah Its Mac, you still not receive anything on your ASAP. If not you should still be good, I am going to call Ok city and ask some questions about why I wasn't selected.

    If you made the referral list for WI, it means they're hiring at least some people in WI. GRB is pretty well staffed, but I don't know about MKE or MSN. See what they offer you; you never know.

    Actually ITT is looking for a Tech here at Salerno, have your buddy contact Steve Haga immediately to see if the slot is still open:
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