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  • Hey I just read your post from earlier this year about RPO positions. I'm didn't apply to NY but did apply to several others. I'm a recent CTI grad (in waiting for FAA of course) and wanted to know if you have any contact to RPO managers currently at Raytheon that I could get in contact with. Thanks in advance.
    Waiting on FOL means no academy start date quite yet.. :eek: juuuuuust waitin. fingers crossed for this week!
    i got my FOL like a month ahead of my class date. i asked for it specifically though, cuz were buying a house and i needed it to prove employment. my HR person was cool with sending it to me so "early". i think i was told NO LATER than 2 weeks before your class. but i called back like 5 weeks prior and i got it about a month early.

    hope this helps. what's your class date?
    middle east would probably what i would want to do with midwest. i applied to them along with serco, and rva if i have to do contract....
    i just flat out quit. i wish i got reassigned. u might've gotten there right as i was leaving. how far behind keegan, jen, and phillipe were u? those were the last peeps i really remember getting there.
    Man u resigned a month or so after I did. If you were VRA I would count on getting rehired with the next 6 months. Especially if you will take whatever they are offering.

    I wouldn't worry about not getting a D-side. I was technically a training failure too because I didn't CPC. I got all 6 D-sides and had 3 R-sides when I quit. None of those seem to be helping or hurting me this time around. You'll get picked up.

    Man I'm trying to place who you might be. Were u in Keegans D-side class? I was are East.
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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