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  • I'm getting ready to leave for the academy in three weeks and was just curious if you worked at a facility in Denver. I currently live in Englewood and am interested in doing a facility tour before I leave for OKC and shipped to ZME...thank you!
    Hey man, could you possibly add CTO to that poll you were nice enough to add? We have a CTO.
    ATCtower, I see your "ATCtower" in Denver... Are you possibly working in the saem facility as Denver Tracon?
    Might fly to Denver. Problem is that it's not a good city for JetBlue, it only connects to two big hubs, Boston and NYC, meaning that it'd probably take up an entire day. Depends on what my schedule is for other places... I'll know that pretty soon.
    Hey, just for clarity, just because I played around with your comment in my post here, I didn't mean to imply that you were being part of the problem. It just happened to be the first one I picked. Just wanted to make that clear; I always appreciate a peacemaker.

    Also, I was in the mood for waffles.
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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