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    Pilots Petition to Remove Bad KMRY Controller

    The really unfortunate aspect is he likely was not always this way and at some point pissed someone off doing something else and some suit came down on him for some little thing and this is his response. We have a couple of those at our facility and its not being a d!ck, it is being anally by...
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    "I Wish to Decline to Respond to the Demographic Questions."

    You obviously dont work for the government.
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    The Benefits of Non-RADAR Training

    Im going out on a limb here and saying that no one here has worked enroute traffic (maybe Mike since I know hes been around a while). Sure, NR is a pain in the ass at times, but I can assure you, it has its uses. Using NR in the enroute environment allows you to release departures much more...
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    Talking to ATC

    Best thing I can say coming as a pilot and center controller who gets a lot of student pilots: Call them and say exactly: "Center (approach), cessna 123SP looking for flight following" A good controller will either respond: "Cessna 123SP, go ahead" to which you simply say, "Cessna 3SP, looking...
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    7/14/14 - Enroute

    Congrats to RS and KF, I should see you guys at a NATCA event in July/Aug/Sept. If you have any questions about the academy or ZDV feel free to PM me.
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    Debate Topic: Should the United States Privatize the Air Traffic Control System?

    Reducing accountability? Can that even be done now that ATSAP is in place?
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    Folks with ZDV TOL and waiting

    1, Boulder isnt all that, in fact it is quite a pain in the ass. Insanely high taxes, rent/property taxes, higher gas prices, more bicyclists than should even be in existence, etc. As for places to live, there are a ton of apartments all over Longmont. The southwest side has Legacy which looks...
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    I'm Really Starting to Dislike FAA HR

    You seriously called an HR rep with those two final questions? What a tool.
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    Please Give Opinion?

    You want the best opinion anyone will give you? Have a backup... Youre a damn fool if you rack up 40k in debt with your only college chances being ATC... 5 years ago you would have been an idiot for spending the money, now youre an idiot for going into debt for it. Huge differences in the last...
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    Females in the Workplace

    I dont post on here much anymore but will tell you this is the BEST advice you can possibly receive and nails it to a tee... This is not a job for thin skinned wimps who cant take criticism, this is a job where you need the ego to know youre the best, the balls to back it up, and the humility to...
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    STAR Speed Restrictions

    Your ''Decend via.." clearance superceeds the speed restriction. If you do not issue a speed, the pilot(s) will fly the STAR as they wish and is their perogative until you issue a speed restriction. We have dealt with this for years. "Descend now to FLxxx, then descend at pilots discretion to...
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    LOA Question

    Without seeing your LOA/airspace, I cant evaluate 100% but I too agree that if he goes to Center before the other approach control, you abide by Center LOA. Not only do they have a different LOA you are not privy to, they may have procedures to minimize (if any) the delay on the pilot. A...
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    Is Union Membership Required?

    My facility is not a cut and dry "do or do not" type facility, though they do exist. Your best bet, join until you are CPC then make up your mind. Personally I like being part of NATCA. If you want to go to a CFS conference they pay for it, and it seems they open a number of other doors, so...
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    Climbing after approach clearance issued

    Radar- I know you are terminal and have different rules (sort of) than we do enroute but we still provide approach guidance to a/c as terminal appch does, here is my take (from a pilot/enroute controller): Yes, the pilot may climb to an altitude given the segment of the approach/localizer they...
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    Class II

    Even if your class II med is with an airline or if you are a pilot it is all new with ATC.