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  • Grats on interview. Don't sweat it. Dress nice, be respectful and you will do fine. :). I interviewed in June of '10 and started OKC April '11. But this was back with a hiring back log. So figure a year, but hope for sooner. I will be here when you interview finishing d school up stairs. My name is Ryan, should be the only red head upstairs. When you get to OKC, focus on the job. OKC washed out 50% last class and another have their evals today and tomorrow. Post is a bit disjointed, sending from phone... Ask anything. :)
    hi. I am at ZDC right now as a developmental. got here in Aug '11. if you have any questions about ZDC or the process, let me know. we need people bad.
    Oh! your THAT austin! Thats awesome! Yeah I had my interview on the 6th. Have you called them yet? I got impatient and called them. It went very well. use the study guide on here it is SUPER helpful. How do you have a hr rep in OK already?
    Yea we actually took our ATSAT test together and had a bunch of classes. Any word from the FAA? I am at the point where my HR rep in OK is telling me to call weekly until I get my interview.
    You went to CCBC? When Did you graduate? I just graduated in May and selected for Leesburg as well. I hate how long the process takes....
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