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  • Hey man, yeah I am still waiting.... .... ......
    I am sure you are getting used to it now. I am supposed to find out by the end of January when my class date is going to be. The had told me April; but, they got new numbers so it probably changed.
    How is it going for you, you hear anything yet?
    Yeah... the rain is kind of a dealbreaker for us, I think. That, and it's too cold to ever get in the water. It's a tradeoff for the ridiculously good scenery, I guess. I convinced my parents to go up to the Salish in Snoqualmie over the holiday... swank-u-luxe.

    We're trying to head back to Houston eventually. We've lived there, Austin and San Antonio, so when the time comes let me know if you want any suggestions on places to live... or avoid. Tons of StuckMicers in Houston, including Adam (Admin) and irishcarbomb. Different from WA and AK, but you'll like it.
    yes i took the redirect to zla. the atm at zan told me if i wanted to stay in line there it may be 3 years or more. so, not thanks to that... not looking forward to living in ca, californians and texans are about as different as it can get for being americans. the weather here today is 80 degrees and sunny. thinking about golfing, hahaha.... You still tring to get to austin??
    Ha... yeah. So glad I moved up here, just to move out again. It's all right, we made the most of it. Feel like we've seen just about everything there is to see up here, tourist-wise, so maybe we can just consider it a long vacation. Sorta.

    How you doin? I hear that Mt. Vernon got pretty much shut down by this snow we've had up here lately. Not that there's a whole lot to shut down in the first place, but, you know.
    Hahaha. Funny.

    Eh, depends on where you are. They're worst in the coastal areas, from Brownsville to Corpus Christi to Houston to Port Arthur-ish. There're some a little further inland like in San Antonio and Austin, but after that, it's not so bad. They're also not all that common as long as you have a clean place that isn't like 200 years old or anything... in my time there, I've lived in four houses, five apartments and a dorm and never once had a roach indoors. And we never did spraying that I knew of, so... you'll be okay.

    But it does feel good to smash them. That's what you wear flip flops for.
    right on. i still dont know my way around up here lol and still dont know what to do and where to go. so i'll definitely be hitting you up once work calms down!

    Nothing new really. I am on the QWL. I am 6th in line out of 7 for my duty station. So, I am not sure if that is good or not. How about you?....
    Most definitely. I've lived in Austin, San Antonio and Houston, so if you're passing through any of those parts, let me know and I'll try to pass along some suggestions on good places to live and eat. My wife and I are the kind that spend forever looking for somewhere we like, so maybe that'll help narrow it down some...
    Hey, I've been through Mt. Vernon... right there off of I-5 on the way up to Vancouver, right?

    I know what you mean about the ups and downs of moving. As good as it is up here, I'll find myself missing something about Texas several times a day. Guess it just takes some getting used to, eh.

    Oh yeah, and suggestions on stuff to do up here are welcome.
    Sorta. I went ahead and moved up here so my wife could get going with her job... but I'm still on hold. Buuuuut, I do have an interview with jetBlue this week, so... at least that's a job at the airport. I keep getting geographically closer. And, hey, our apartment overlooks Renton Municipal Airport, where Boeing manufactures the 737. Pretty sweet. Come on by, we'll watch planes take off and drink microbrews.
    Hahaha. Although who knows, maybe working Madagascar'd be interesting. Air traffic can't be all that high though.
    I'm headed to ZSE -- good, because Washington was my first choice. I'm still waiting on my Academy date. Didn't do CTI, either; I'm an OTS hire.

    Pretty much all CTI applicants are straight out of school -- since that's the only thing you'd pick up a CTI for, there's not any reason for someone to wait to start applying. So you don't have to worry about that one.
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