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    Texas ZHU

    ZHU - Facility Swap Request
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    CIL August 2016 Bid

    Thats cool. I graduated there in 2005. Got in on last bid. Now D2 at ZHU.
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    AT-SA Testing Location and Dates - Spoiler, Its Not 8 Hours Long.

    In this case, seniority can most definitely hurt. You gain nothing as far as actual seniority in the FAA and you get to be the guinea pig in a brand new test. Good luck.
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    Academy Placement

    And a willingness to probably wash out.
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    Houston Center - ZHU

    Ive been here since late April and will begin stage 3 simulations next month. There are quite a few people behind me who are looking at 12-18 month wait times. We currently have over 100 developmentals in the building.
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    Application Status on Aviator (August 2016 Bid)

    You got it exactly right. And best of luck to you. I was lucky enough to have passed after my second radar eval. We lost 3 people in my class on the last day and I guarantee it was because they had "the number" in their head during the last run. They knew exactly what score they needed to...
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    Green Check? Post Here

    Congrats man. You're in. Pack your bags for OKC and start figuring out what to spend your 6 figure salary on!!
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    Bid Out Aug 8-15

    Pack your bags!!! Could be next week!!!
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    New Info On Next Hiring Bid

    According to a recent FAA/CTI teleconference. There will be a combined CTI/VRA - OTS bid opening in mid-August. Pool #1 will be the CTI/VRA who will not have to take the Bio-Q and pool #2 will consist of OTS applicants who meet the minimum application requirements who WILL have to take the...
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    The Best Route of Becoming an FAA Controller?

    The least timely route to take would be to go to college for something meaningful (if that's what you want to do) and apply to the "Off the Street" bids that come out "yearly..ish". (there is supposedly one coming out in the next few months although that has not been verified) I personally...
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    If You Wash Can You Reapply Next Bid?

    I graduated from the academy en route program not even 3 months ago. I know exactly what the "45 point" point-out is that you are referring to. The thing about it, is that by the time you get to the evals you have had 40+ practice problems that demonstrate everything that you are going to...