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    02/07/2011 Terminal

    I booked a small one bed room at winchester run for $37 a night W/D in unit. Looks like a good place to stay hell I would stay in my truck in the FAA parking lot if I had to but Winchester Run sounds better.
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    02/07/2011 Terminal

    I Got the call !!!!!!!!! was told the 8th as well. I can not wait to get back to the ATC life. GRR after okc.:drive::drive:
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    Ground Control now on YouTube

    What no terrorist no bombs or assassination attempts just B class ATC. Agent Jack Bauer i'm disappointed in you.:deadhorse::deadhorse:
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    12/27/2010 Tower Class

    Waiting games.:deadhorse::deadhorse::deadhorse::deadhorse::deadhorse:
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    Airforce vision question

    Re: Quick question. 2020 with or without
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    States with the Most openings

    Hell at this pointe I would go any where in the USA. Just let me know something this dam waiting game is starting to get old. LOL...
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    FAA Proposes Change to Age 56 Rule

    Dam how long has he been waiting LOL.
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    ****Fairwell Stuckmic****

    Raydon, Your new carrer. Don't keep the governator waiting . I said no cheese you idiot't !!!!!! now (Retake) my order.
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    ****Fairwell Stuckmic****

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    ****Fairwell Stuckmic****

    Raydon U :p:p:p:p:p!!!. All that time you have just Pised away over 1 OE on a (SIM)!!!!. You are in school what do you do in school ???. Get over yourself and take the f.u.c.k.i.n.g RETAKE man up and if your ego is so big that you don't go back and kiss some a.. and take the retake you are a...
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    ATP flight schools

    Thanks for the advice guys. ATP is 2nd in line if I dont get into the FAA if I get into the faa I will go the FBO way at a slow pace and pay as I go. The airport I should be going to has a flight school that I will look into.
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    ATP flight schools

    I am thinking about there Airline Career Pilot Program sounds to good to be true 150 days for all that you get. What do you guys think ??
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    Needs further psych evaluation

    Thats Good news Captain. I would be in or past OKC aswell if it weren't for the GD mmpi. I am going through the appeal right now I hope it all works out. If not I am going back to flight school and I will give all the controllers shit over the com.:hithere::hithere: Good luck in OKC.
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    ATP flight schools

    I am thinking of going to ATP flight school. I am looking for any info on the school ? Thank you guys/stuckmic.