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    12/19/12 Enroute

    Waiting for FOL as well. Does it come via e-mail or snail mail?
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    Not saying I don't believe you but where do you get these success rate numbers from?
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    Same here but DEC. 19 for me.
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    Great Lakes Region Class dates

    Also received call this morning. December 19th, ZID.
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    Tol 5/21/12
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    Do you know RA's e-mail address by chance?

    Do you know RA's e-mail address by chance?
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    Isn't seniority based on when you receive your TOL?
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    Indianapolis ARTCC - ZID

    Sounds like we are on the same timeline as I received the same "medically cleared" call yesterday. The lady did not say anything about a class date soon but said I was eligible for a class date at least. Hopefully Indy has cleared up the ERAM issues and hiring/training will be progressing.
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    Wow that was fast. Did you get an e-mail or call RA?
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    Yep, I finished up last week. Back to the waiting game.
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    Security Clearance Question

    Has someone told you this in the past?
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    Same here.
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    ZAU - Chicago Center Hiring Information

    Re: ZAU - Chicago Center Do you have initials for the lady who lost your information?
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    Sound off when you get your TOL

    May 4th was my interview.
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    Sound off when you get your TOL

    I'm waiting on BR for TOL.